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Einc/MUG's Season 2nd Half Broncos Grades To Determine Future Needs and Draft Options

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  • Einc/MUG's Season 2nd Half Broncos Grades To Determine Future Needs and Draft Options

    You guys know the drill how this works. This is for the season's 2nd half (aka...the final 8 games). PFF provides the criteria and hardwork we use to summarize and base our thoughts off of.

    And with that, the Chiefs game grades are out...

    Starting on OFFENSE, there was not a single negative grade to be seen. I'm not sure that has been done by any team up to this point so far this season. Our WRs were again stellar, lead as usual by Lloyd (+3.1) while the lowest graded player at the position, Royal (+1.1), still was very effective. This is nothing new though, so great play from our WRs was not the defining factor in our blowout. Kyle Orton (+3.6) also continued his excellent play, this also was not a key factor is why our offense suddenly clicked. Moreno only graded out as a (+0.2) rushing, he's done that several times this season. He had a very high (+1.7) receiving grade, and a great (+2.3) overall, for easily his best all-around game this season, but he has been dominant in the passing game. This was just the first game he ran well and caught well. So, while a factor in our offensive success, I don't think it's the key breakout component.

    On to those key breakout factors. I've determined there were two primary catalysts. The first, obviously, being the vastly improved play of the O-line. Oddly enough, since our running game was effective, only one O-lineman graded out well in run blocking. That being the human bulldozer, at least for this game, Zane Beadles. With a (+1.8) run blocking grade, by far his best of his career, he dominated in the trenches at LG. Conversely, the next highest Bronco in run blocking was Ryan Clady (+0.4). The other linemen had slightly negative grades, with Walton (-1.0) the worst. Where the line really excelled was in pass blocking, they flatout dominated, led by Clady (+2.1). Everyone had a good game, the worst "good game" being by Beadles (+0.4). Only two QB pressures were given up all game, 1 by Beadles, 1 by Harris. No QB Hits, no Sacks. So, even though we had our best running game of the season, the O-line wasn't overly responsible, neither was Moreno. Both were key contributors, obviously, but if they weren't the catalyst for our running breakout, whom was? (Revealed Shortly). What the O-line was the catalyst for was the lack of negative plays. We didn't have long down and distances for Orton, and he lit up the Chiefs. We didn't have long down and distances for Moreno, and he lit up the Chiefs. We didn't have that one guy completely ruin our offensive gameplan like we have every game this season. Nobody was a goat. That was the difference up front, it wasn't sheer dominance, it was simply avoiding boneheaded mistakes. That was catalyst #1.

    The second catalyst, briefly referred to earlier, is responsible for our running game rising from the hidden depths of Atlantis. That catalyst is the dynamic run blocking by our Tight Ends and Fullbacks. Spencer Larsen lead the way with a (+1.3) run blocking grade. His previous high of the season? (+0.1). MASSIVE improvement. Dan Gronkowski continued his excellent play, logging a hefty 47 snaps (to Graham's 50), and outperforming Graham across the board once again. His run blocking grade of (+1.2) is the second game in a row he has hit that lofty of a mark. Gronkowski has the makings of being a legit #1 TE in our style of offense, and certainly an elite #2. The Alphonso Smith trade looks like we got the short end of the stick still, but it's not going to be a terrible trade in the end. Gronkowski looks like he is for real. Richard Quinn finally played, logging 16 snaps, double his previous high for a game this season, and graded out an excellent (+0.9) in run blocking. Finally, Daniel Graham brought up the rear (+0.2), BUT that was BY FAR his highest run blocking grade in the previous 7 games. So, while the O-line was stellar pass blocking and roughly average run blocking, the ancillary parts (TE and FB) are the reason Moreno hit 100 yards finally. Basically, our TEs and FBs finally did what they are supposed to do in our scheme....block people.

    Now, on Defense...

    With the Chiefs in pass catch-up mode, the running game was largely abandoned. That resulted in a season low of 21 snaps for Jamal Williams. Oddly enough, he had his best game of the season by a mile (+2.4), with a ridiculous (+2.9) vs the run. Kevin Vickerson was our next best lineman, checking in with a solid (+1.5) overall, (+1.4) against the run, on 33 snaps from his RE position. This was in perfect contrast to his rotation mate, Ryan McBean, whom had a (-1.5) overall, and a fancy (0.0) against the run. He is...a waste of space. Justin Bannan, whom bounced around from LE to NT, had a typically bad game, though his (-1.1) vs. the run was one of his better marks this season. As of now, he has been a Free Agent bust despite logging a ton of snaps. Ronald Fields also logged 20 snaps at NT, finishing roughly average across the board. Finally, Marcus Thomas had an off day (for him, it would be a career day for Bannan). He finished (+0.4) vs the run but (-0.4) overall.

    At LB, Mario Haggan led the way with excellent all-around play, finishing with a (+2.2). Jason Hunter and DJ Williams both played roughly average overall, though with Hunter excelling in pass coverage (+1.1), while DJ excelled against the run (+1.7). Neither were very effective on the pass rush. Joe Mays was dominant against the run (+2.4), but finished with a (-0.5) due to a bad penalty grade. He only played 33 snaps, but had 8 tackles in that time. Ridiculous ratio. Jarvis Moss logged 19 snaps, rushed 14 of them, and predictably did nothing. (-1.1) grade.

    In the secondary, Champ wasn't hit as hard as I was expecting. I think they took into account the prevent defense and didn't grade negatively if someone caught it in front. Still, he finished with his worst grade of the season (-0.6), with a (-1.0) in coverage. Perrish Cox also had his worst grade of the season in coverage (-1.5). And...Nathan Jones had his worst grade of the season in coverage with a (-1.5) also. Finally, at CB, Syd'Quan, whom logged a season high 33 snaps, finished with a (-0.2) in coverage, the best of all our CBs. At Safety, Darcel McBath was the best with a (+0.7) overall, (+1.0) in coverage on 60 snaps. Renaldo Hill was right behind him with a (+0.4) overall, mostly off a strong (+0.7) in run defense. Hill had a (-0.2) in pass defense. Bruton and McCarthy barely played. Bruton, as usual, blitzed on half of his plays. If he's in the game, it's literally a 50/50 chance he's blitzing. With Dawkins, it's more a 20% chance of a blitz. Speaking of whom, Dawkins had his first really clunker of a game this season (-2.4) due to ineffective blitzing and a (-1.5) in coverage. The struggles in coverage being nothing new to Dawkins throughout his career.

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    McBath is legit, we don't need a safety this year.

    I'm not sure if we should keep Harris or not, but Beadles is going to be an anchor wherever he plays.

    I expect Moreno will only get better if our O-line can continue to improve.

    I agree with not being hard on Champ, he was playing deep for 80% of the game.

    It is once again obvious we need a DE...bad
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      Thanks for the post MUG. I'll read this later when I have more time.
      Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!


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        simply love these stats!:thumb:

        beats the heck out of some folks' wild a__ assessments, especially about players they really like or don't like.

        and it's the old, there's more to it than this data, and there is, but at least it is a consistent calibration of player performance.......based on objectivity


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          Great info. Glad our FB's and TE's finally showed up!

          Definitely agree on the catalyst #1. Pretty much every game this season we've found ways to kill ourselves, but we actually managed to avoid it this week. No stupid penalties, no random turn overs, no terrible play, just good solid football all across the board.

          I hope that trend can somehow continue.


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            Beadles looked down right studly at LG! Love the way he seals off his man and creates passing lanes. Watched the Moreno TD catch again and Beadles completely takes his guy right opening up the left side of the field.

            Of course Clady's guy was on his back 12 yards past the play. Just a great job by the OL.
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              Kuper and Beadles add a lot of athleticism to the interior of our line. I've always fealt Kris could play RT if needed. I like the looks of that line. The pulling capapbilities with how athletic that line is are pretty cool.
              Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!


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                So you guys think we will eventually re-sign Vickerson? I'll admit I thought he was going to be just another body out there, but he's helped tremendously in the run game.


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                  Vickerson is a 100 percent legit DE in the 3-4. Its the perfect scheme for his size and skill set.
                  Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!


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                    Thanks Mug-

                    Well folks im back up and running i will be doing the individual game grades again starting after the SD game....I do however have overall game grades for weeks 1-9 below

                    DEFENSE(overall week 1-9)- must have 40 snaps to qualify

                    Justin Bannan- F
                    437 snas/Run Defense- F/Pass rush- D/4 Qb hits, 3 QB pressures

                    Jamal Williams- D
                    341 snaps/Run Defense- C-/Pass rush- C-/4 Qb pressures

                    Marcus Thomas B+
                    336 snaps/Run defense- B+/Pass rush- C/1 sack, 1 Qb hit, 9 Qb pressures

                    Ryan Mcbean- F
                    282 snaps/Run Defense-F/Pass rush- C/1 Qb hit, 9 Qb pressures

                    Kevin Vickerson-C
                    195 snaps/Run Defense- C/Pass rush- C/1 Qb hit, 4 Qb pressures

                    Ryan Fields- C-
                    159 snaps/Run Defense- C/Pass rush- C-/1 Qb hit, 1 Qb pressure

                    Mario Haggan- C+
                    613 snaps/Run defense-A/Pass Defense-D/Pass Rush- C/Penalty- D/3 sacks, 3 hits, 7 pressures

                    DJ williams- A
                    611 Snaps/Run defense- A/Pass Defense- B/Pass rush- C+/4 Sacks, 4 Hits, 3 Pressures

                    Jason Hunter- B+
                    471 snaps/Run defense- B+/Pass Defense- B+/Pass rush- C/3 sacks, 4 hits, 14 Qb pressures

                    Robert Ayers- B+
                    311 Snaps/Run Defense- B+/Pass Rush- B/Pass Coverage- C/1 sack, 7 hits, 8 pressures

                    Joe Mays- C-
                    66 snaps/Run Defense- B/Pass Defense- C/Pass Rush- C/Penalty- D

                    Jarvis Moss- D
                    66 snaps/Run Defense- C/Pass Defense- C/Pass Rush C-/1 Qb sack, 1 Qb hit, 2 Qb pressure

                    Champ Bailey- A
                    589 snaps/Pass Defense- A-/Run Defense-B+

                    Renaldo hill- B
                    577 snaps/Pass Defense- C+/Run Defense- B+

                    Brian Dawkins- C
                    444 snaps/Pass Defense-C-/Run Defense- B/Pass Rush- C-/1 sack, 1 Hit, 4 pressures

                    Perish Cox- B
                    423 snaps/Pass Defense- B+/Run Defense-C+

                    Nate Jones- C-
                    411 Snaps/Pass Defense-D+/Run Defense-C+/Pass Rush- C-/1 Qb hit, 2 Qb pressures

                    Andre Goodman-D
                    151 Snaps/Pass Defense-D/Run Defense- C

                    Darcel Mcbath- C
                    119 snaps/Pass Defense- C/Run Defense- C

                    Sydquan Thompson- C+
                    86 snaps/Pass Defense- C+/Run Defense- C


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                      OFFENSE(overall week 1-9)-must have more than 40 snaps to qualify(sorry

                      Jabar Gaffney- C-
                      534 snaps/Catching- B/Run Block- D-

                      Brandon Lloyd- A+
                      487 snaps/Catching- A+(highest graded WR in the NFL right now)/Run block- C-

                      Eddie Royal- B-
                      354 snaps/Catching- B-/Run Block- C

                      Demaryius Thomas- B+
                      123 Snaps/Catching-B+/Run Block- C+

                      Daniel Graham- D
                      561 Snaps/Catching-D/Pass Block- C/Run Block- D-/2 sacks, 2 hits, 2 pressures allowed

                      Dan Gronkowski-C
                      238 snaps/Catching- C-/Pass Block- B-/Run Block- C/No pressure allowed

                      Richard Quinn- C
                      45 snaps/Catching- C/Pass Block- C/Run block- C/No pressure allowed

                      JD Walton- F(last 2 games big time improvement though)
                      629 snaps/Pass Block- F/Run Block- F/Penalty- C-/2 sacks, 3 hits, 14 pressures allowed

                      Ryan Clady- B
                      616 snaps/Pass Block- C/Run block- B+/4 sacks, 2 hits, 20 pressures allowed

                      Kris Kuper- D
                      553 snaps/Pass Block- C+/Run block- F/2 sacks, 2 hits, 9 pressures allowed

                      Zane Beadles- F(solid Improvement last few games though)
                      492 snaps/Pass Block- F/Run Block- D/2 sacks, 3 hits, 22 pressures Allowed

                      Russ Hochstein- D
                      340 snaps/Pass Block- C-/Run block- C-/Penalty- C-/3 sacks, 3 hits, 3 pressures allowed

                      Stanley Daniels- D
                      304 snaps/Pass block-C/Run Block- F/2 sacks, 6 pressures allowed

                      Ryan Harris- C-
                      212 snaps/Pass Block- C-/Run Block- C-/1 sack, 2 hits, 7 pressures allowed

                      Kyle Orton- A
                      626 snaps/Passing game- A/Penalty- C-

                      Corell Buckhalter- D
                      226 snaps/Pass game-D/Run game- D-/Pass block- C

                      Knowshon Moreno- C
                      247 snaps/Pass game- B/Run game- C-/Pass block- C-

                      Spencer Larsen- C
                      121 snaps/Pass Game- C/Run game- C/Pass Block- C/Run block- C-

                      Lawrence Maroney- D
                      108 snaps/Pass game- C-/Run game- D+/Pass Block- C


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                        also through 9 weeks-

                        we have the 17th rated overall offense, 20th overall rated defense and 4th overall rated special teams unit

                        Pass offense- 2nd overall rated
                        Rush offense- 32 overall rated
                        Pass Block- 21 overall rated
                        Run Block- 22 overall rated
                        Penalty- 21 overall rated

                        Run Defense- 16 overall overall rated
                        Pass Rush- 30 overall rated
                        Pass Coverage- 6 overall rated
                        Penalty- 13 overall rated


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                          Originally posted by elevation INC View Post
                          also through 9 weeks-

                          we have the 17th rated overall offense, 20th overall rated defense and 4th overall rated special teams unitPass offense- 2nd overall rated
                          Rush offense- 32 overall rated
                          Pass Block- 21 overall rated
                          Run Block- 22 overall rated
                          Penalty- 21 overall rated

                          Run Defense- 16 overall overall rated
                          Pass Rush- 30 overall rated
                          Pass Coverage- 6 overall rated
                          Penalty- 13 overall rated
                          That stat shocked me. I had no idea our special teams was rated that high
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                            Hopefully that stat stays true because that's the chargers weakness and we need our ST to help in this game. I also think that will be the deciding factor in the game because both offenses are going to light it up and it will come down to ST or a D stepping up.

                            But as far as the grades go, I really like how the line is starting to look and hopefully they can keep that going forward so we can make some noise late in the season. Also I really like the Hunter and Vikerson pick ups, and with thomas coming around I think our team is starting to soildfy some of our holes I saw early in the season. Now I still believe we are going to need depth at those positions, but here is to a great finish.
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                              Does anyone think we should/could add another CB via FA or the draft? With Andre Goodman's injury issues this season maybe we do.

                              Rashean Mathis will be an UFA this offseason pending an extention from the Jags. I dont know if they will extend him or not. His play has slipped so maybe they let him walk. He is 30 as well. So IF he hits FA he might come fairly cheap. Would he be a good addition?
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