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    Originally posted by Charlie Brown View Post
    The Browns need a reciever.

    The Browns offense beats themselves up because they can only run the ball. So, teams stack the run and the Browns inept offense can't capitalize in the passing game.

    A pass rusher won't help the Browns passing game nor the poor offensive line play (the entire right side of the O-Line).

    The Browns needs are:

    1. WR (starting)
    2. RT
    3. DE (both a RE and a LE)
    4. WR (another body to help)
    5. RG
    6. OLB (pass-rusher)

    The offense needs the most help. It is the most inept.

    ...and soon a head coach

    How does Brad Childress sound, Charlie?


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      Luck would be an idiot to stay another year seeing as how he is almost a lock #1 pick and this is likely going to be the last un-capped year for rookie contracts. Meaning that if he came out next year he'd be losing a boat load of money. Plus it's not like he's going to accomplish much more at Stanford, seeing as how they are in a BCS game and the only thing better than that is the Championship game (which I don't see Stanford doing next year). All in all I'd be very shocked if he didn't come out for this year's draft.