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    Originally posted by BroncosTX77 View Post
    I have no problem with any player that is on OL or DL with some attitude as long as they don't roflmudstomp your head into the ground every chance they get. They throw their 300 lbs around while getting beat down by more than one 300+ lb bubbas. Attitude is necessary to survive.

    I have nothing against JJ Watt, hes a good kid, fun player to watch, blue collar kid. Would love to see him in Denver. But....

    Nick Fairley. ya.
    If it came down to Nick Fairley or JJ Watt at number 2 overall pick...I don't even think there should be a discussion. Nick Fairley, without a doubt. If we trade down, and depending on how much...I would love to get Watt and some picks. I just don't see him as a 10 prospect as of right now. Still alot of time though.
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      Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
      I think we'll have to revisit some of this discussion after the Combine and the draft guru's start highlighting tape on Watt. I watched him an awful lot this season, he seldom ran around defenders, he was great at holding his lanes. I'd actually put him in Cameron Heyward's class at run defending, which is superb. His pass rushing is solid as well. No flaws in Watt's game. I also would not be suprised if he shows he's one of the more athletic defensive lineman in recent history at the Combine.

      I respect your counterviews and opinions, but I find myself questioning if you really know anything about Watt. Your major complaints are what I perceive as his major assets. And I know I'm right with my observations, so it's confusing to me where you're coming up with your opinions. Mine are based on a season's worth of work and scouting.
      I will kindly eat crow after the draft about Watt if you are right.
      I will admit I havent watched Watt a whole lot. I have only watched the TCU game and the Ohio State game.
      In the TCU game against the only NFL caliber player on their offensive line. The 350 pound tackle. He ran around him every time except the spin move.
      Alot of times when he went one on one against offensive guards, he would be overpowered and become ineffective. I wouldnt rank him as high as Heyward in run defending.
      As for the combine, I expect him to come in at 6'6 300 pounds run a 4.85 forty with a 33 inch vertical. About 25-30 bench reps. That isn't exactally the best in recent years, and I doubt he beats out Fairley or Dareus, besides maybe the vertical. Look don't get me wrong I really do hope we draft him, either in a trade down/ up situation. I see him as a first round lock, bit not a top 10 or even 15 pick. As always, I respect and value your opinion.
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      Originally posted by Mosk
      Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale


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        Originally posted by Ahrum View Post
        I need to quote this, because the best part of Watt's game is exactly what Fairley lacks.

        JJ Watt plays the ball. He knows where it is, he knows where its going. He rarely ever tries to just straight beat the defender, because all he wants is that damned ball and to get it, he'll drive the guy - or, even more impressively, go above the guy (jump to swat). He watches the QB and follows his eyes and sees the play happening around him. He'll jump and swat the ball if he doesn't have leverage to get to the QB quickly enough. Not to mention that because of this, he holds his lane really well and is excellent at run defending.

        All Fairley wants to do is hit the player. He wants to get that TFL or sack. And he'll get that in college. But it's going to be harder for him in the pros, especially when every QB he will face can get the ball off under pressure.

        Watt's awareness is what's going to make him an outstanding player in the NFL.

        Not to mention that Fairley isn't exactly a "character" guy. Poor Murray.