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Cameron Heyward's performance

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    I still think Bailey will more likely fall to the 2nd then Heyward. The Ravens will probably grab Heyward in the 1st and Watt will fall to the Jets pushing Bailey out.

    Heyward is to inconsistent to me he plays good in front of home fans but that seems to be it. He cant handle the road well and he just shows glimpses of elitism.
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      Originally posted by KWHIT97 View Post
      He was never gonna get out of the 1st anyways, with so many teams going 3-4 these days they will be looking for a 5 tech.

      He reminds me alot of Vernon Gholsten in the fact that he is just average with spurts of greatness throughout his career, then in the final game of his career he is an unstoppable force, his draft stock shoots up, and he will workout well also. Believe me I've watched every Buckeyes game this year, not saying he won't be good, but he won't be as good as the top 20 pick he will warrant.
      Last game of his career, he's playing for possibly the biggest paycheck in his life. I think he is going to end up like JaMarcus Russell, unmotivated once he gets paid.


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        He didn't declare last year when he was a surefire top 15, possibly top 10 pick.

        That shows that he wanted to be on his team for another run at a title, which he achieved.
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          There are others I would rather have on the team in more pressing areas of need. IF we get Fairley in the 1st then I would rather get a combo of either Crick/Jordan/Dowling/McDaniel with our two 2nds.
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            Heyward has never been unmotivated or inconsistent. He has never been an elite pass-rusher, but has consistently been a remarkable run-stuffer. That is why he has a shot at falling to the 2nd.
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              Originally posted by d-bronx42 View Post
              I want no part of Cameron Heyward till at least the 3 round... They guy screams a player that sucks his entire career until his contract season, where he suddenly tears it up.

              He takes more than 5 plays off a game, and is absolutely terrible vs. the run... No thank you.

              I'd rather have Cameron Jordan or Jared Crick.
              What you just said makes no sense.

              He was much better last year than this year, but in your analogy, this year would have been his "contract season".

              He has not sucked his entire career, you just lack knowledge of his past.