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    I have just had a very good trade idea we Trade our first(2nd overall) to Tampa who select Bowers with the pick and we get there first, second, third, fifth and Tanard Jackson

    Tampa is desperate for a pass rusher and Bowers just happens to be the best one in the draft.

    I know some people will say Jackson is a cancer to the team but he has alot of talent and deserves a fresh start plus with all the picks we gained it is not a huge risk

    by doing the trade we gain alot more picks we will help us fill the huge holes we have on our team.


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      With a looming lockout, you will see a majority of underclassmen declare to get their money. The next CBA will have a rookie salary cap as well. This is college players last real chance to get stupid money. Expect Luck to get somewhere around 6 years 80 million.

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        Originally posted by 91bronco View Post
        Luck is a sophmore??? I didn't realize that....
        Originally posted by bronco4life13 View Post
        I'm pretty sure that Luck is a Junior... Unless he redshirted...
        But reports have said if he returned it would only be one more season.
        Originally posted by wayninja View Post
        Luck is redshirted, he's an academic Junior.
        Luck is a redshirt sophomore, meaning he still has 2 years of football eligibilty left. And yes, it's his 3 year of college studies, so he'd be a junior school wise.

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