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    Originally posted by utebroncofan View Post
    I hear that.I would never cheer for us to lose but we were 1 more loss from getting NT Raji,DT Ellis(NO)and Patrick Willis the yrs they got drafted as well.
    We were last (points allowed) and GB was 2nd. Raiji and Matthews would both look good in DEN.


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      Originally posted by fraguela09 View Post
      We were last (points allowed) and GB was 2nd. Raiji and Matthews would both look good in DEN.
      What uniform wouldn't they look good in?

      Broncs All the Way Baby!


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        Originally posted by MindField View Post
        I am starting to wonder why we care what Mike Mayock says?

        His track record isn't very good.

        In the last three years of listening to his takes, he has been fairly inaccurate.

        Speaking for myself, I appreciate how he backs up his views and opinions with demonstrations and examples. Almost every time he evaluates a prospect, he shows tape describing what he sees and then discusses how it can translate to the next level. Kiper and McShay don't do that. They just say something and then say believe me.

        The draft is an inexact science, we all know that. I appreciate the time, effort, and presentation Mayock puts into his draft analysis. That's why I like him. But even Mike can't control prospects and see the future. He looks at the tape, makes an educated guess based on the tape, explains to us using the tape why he has the opinion he has, and then he sticks with it for his conclusions.

        That's the fundamental process behind our legal system as well. I understand it, and I respect it. That's why I gravitate towards Mayock. His word isn't gospel, but at least I know why he says what he says.