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    Damn I just read teo ran a 4.50 40 before that's ridiculous for his size and he's from ND one of my favorite teams didn't know he was that fast I'd love him to b a bronco but I don't think he's comin out til 2013


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      Originally posted by ChangAlang24 View Post
      mmm nice call on Te'o

      watched him all my career and got to play with him for a couple weeks when I got called up from the JV.

      Guy is an absolute monster who can form tackle, lay the wood, has instincts, not to mention he is prototypical 6'2''-6'3'', probably around 245 now, and I believe legit 4.6 speed, probably will clock 4.7 ish at the combine. Plays with a chip on his shoulder, and clear cut the best player to ever come out of Hawaii. (Saying something because his town's local high school, Kahuku, has produced the most NFL players of any high school in the nation)

      Guy's calves are like tree trunks, biceps bigger than my head, and that was 3 years ago in high school.

      Really high character guy too. His dad is one of our coaches, and works Manti til no end. Good background, devout mormon, and it's looking less likely he'll be going on his mission because of the success he is having.

      I have no doubt he will be getting a lot of NFL looks next year if he decides to declare and I would love for him to play for the broncos.
      Manti is great but I really think Burfict is better.
      The guy is a physical freak. And his instincts. Wow.
      I know we say this about a lot of guys, but he really is Ray Lewis. Plays with edge, but we could use that on our team..


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        Oh yeah. I still remember watching Manti playing HS ball, He was a man among boys. His reads come natural and is a fundamental player, Tough as nails. I would love for us to pick up Pisa Tinoisamoa too.


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          ......he is listed as a is that a young troy....i dont get it