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    Originally posted by MindField View Post
    Ron Meeks coaches the cover-2 version of the 4-3, a defense that is as predictable a defense as there is these days.

    Manning and Brady LOVE to play that defense.

    Meeks' defenses have never been great...

    He is the obvious choice for DC now, though
    All teams run cover 2, just like they all will play man and other zone coverages. No NFL team will run the same coverage over and over,

    The Tampa 2 (different btw) was termed more for the LB responsibilities then the DB coverage. More emphasis on speed than bulk, and quick penetrating DTs.

    It is like saying big is better than fast, when both can be successful.

    Meeks had one iof the top scoring defenses for a long time. Can anyone name the best DT he had to work with?

    I know he sure got the most from Freeny, Mathis, and Johnson.

    R Ayers - B Cofield - A Haynesworth - CJ ohnson
    J Anderson - J Beason - DJ Williams
    R Bailey - P Amukamara - R Hill - A Goodman