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    I was watching videos of Stephen Paea two days ago and sometimes he has an impressive first step for a guy who is 6'1, 310. Very strong player, he can definetely push the OL. Really disruptive after the snap. His gap control and awareness are not that great, he looks raw, but that's something that goes for many college DTs. He seems to be a good kid that works hard, and NFL coaches will get someone with a lot of upside. 4-3 DT, 3-4 DE or NT, I think he can do it all.


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      Yeah Rod, he's a good kid. My wife's cousin was the EQ manager for the Beavers last year and is still fairly close to the program. He says Paea is a great guy and a hard worker.

      He also claims that Paea will rock the combine. He'll likely run a low 4.8 and also break the BP record. He probably will go in the top 20.
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        Very impressed with Paea. At 295 he's probably one of the lightest DTs, but at 6'1" that's still big beef; and I'm sure an NFL-level workout/diet regimen could add some weight and not affect his speed too much.

        And speaking of speed.... He moves like a linebacker out there, and he appears to be as strong as an ox.

        He does suffer from the Nate Webster "Ooops, I lost my helmet" syndrome, but would gladly overlook that and welcome him on the team. Wherever he goes I think he's going to make some team's fans VERY happy.

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