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    Originally posted by SoundsOfSuccess View Post
    Peterson would be the highest selected DB of the modern football era besides Eric "E-Rock" Turner, drafted 2 by the Browns. Turner had a very nice career but died of cancer at age 31. Technically, Peterson would be tied for best DB prospect in the history of the modern football era.

    oh yeah? Who are the teams that are going to take him..

    denver- no
    buff- HELL NO
    bengals- NO
    AZ- eh, they could, but they want a QB- NOPE
    Browns- NO
    SFO- They might consider him here. This is a possibility. But my money says nope, not here either
    Titans- NOPE
    COWBOYS- YES, they will not think twice to nab him here. Patrick Peterson is going to fall to #9 to the cowboys.

    The cowboys will not be trading up infront of the niners to nab him, and the niners have lots of needs, QB, OL, DL, DB, S.

    So PP will be taken at 9. Not highest of a decade, not the best player at his position in a decade. And if any team does take him before the cowboys, I suspect he will probably start at S for them first.
    So far:
    FA- Melvin Gordon. Brandon Scherff
    1. Kenneth Murray LB; 2. Shenault WR; 2B. Biadazz Center, 3. OT


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      Originally posted by BluenOrnge4Life View Post
      I heard reports that Buffalo is pretty interested in Cam Newton at #3, so we just need his stock to keep rising because that means teams will likely try to jump in front of Buffalo to grab him.
      What you say isn't totally impossible, just wildly improbable. Some team would have to love Cam Newton enough to give up virtually their entire draft to move up to #2 and grab him before Buffalo could get him. And he's just not that great of a pro prospect at this point.

      If he shoots up the boards as a result of great workouts and great interviews then MAYBE. But, I wouldn't hold my breath.

      That said it would probably be the BEST SCENARIO for the Broncos if they could trade back and pick up an extra first round pick.

      The good thing about that is that we are at #2 and if there are several teams interested in moving up, the price to move up to that #2 spot could be high.

      If some team wants to pull a Josh Mcdaniels and give up a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, you jump all over it and trade back.
      No, you don't.

      You didn't bother to check the draft value chart for that statement did you? The numbers don't add up. The #2 pick is worth 2600 points. The 1st pick of the 2nd round = 580 points, the first pick of the 3rd round = 265 points & the first pick of the 4th round = 112 points.

      Of course no team has the #1 pick in the 2nd, 3rd & 4th so the actual values would be lower! But, add those numbers up and you get:

      TOTAL = 957. That is equal to the #17 pick of the 1st round.

      Now suppose you want to move up from #15 say to #2 and get Newton. #15 pick = 1050 points.

      1050 points PLUS around 850-900 points for all the other picks STILL only equals around 2000 points! Denver would be getting ROYALLY SCREWED in such a trade!

      The 600 points they'd be giving up are equal to the #31 pick of the 1st round. So, essentially they'd be throwing away a late 1st round pick in that trade!

      NO DEAL!

      (Your example with Josh McDaniels is right on point! Josh was a draft ignoramus who lost his job -- largely because he sucked BAD at it! Unfortunately, no other NFL team was stupid enough to put him in charge of their drafting! Hence the chances of some moron giving up the farm to Denver in a trade are significantly reduced).


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        Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
        I don't really think you can take much stock into the Senior Bowl. The passing game rarely ever does well because the QB's have had a minimal amount of time to work with the receivers, O-line, and play calling etc.

        Even if we were in a 3-4 with no pass rush to speak of, I'd have a hard time taking Miller at #2, much less taking him at #2 while running a 4-3. We should stay away from him in the top 20 picks entirely IMO.
        I'll respectfully disagree with you on this one. I would add more but to be honest I don't think anybody changes their minds on who they want picked. No harm in that...I just agree to disagree.