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2011 Broncomaniac DENVER BRONCOS Franchise Thread

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  • 2011 Broncomaniac DENVER BRONCOS Franchise Thread

    2011 Broncomaniac DENVER BRONCOS Franchise Thread

    Welcome Broncomaniac GM’s and welcome all Broncomaniac Board members. This thread is the official Denver Broncos Franchise Thread concerning the GM game. This year we decided to take a cue from Mr. Elway himself and make the Denver Broncos franchise more personable to the public. This thread will allow all members of to participate and have a voice in what the Denver Broncos franchise will do in the upcoming Broncomaniacs GM Simulation.

    The Denver Broncos franchise will be run by 3 GM’s with these titles: Vice President, General Manager, and Head Coach.

    Selection Process

    To begin we will have a lottery of those interested Broncomaniac GM’s that are already assigned to a team. Interested GM’s will post “I, (name), am interested in becoming VP of the Denver Broncos.” Then each GM will be assigned a number in the order they posted 1 through whatever. Once the signups are closed immediately after all numbers will be input into a Random Integer Generator and the top 3 (VP, GM, HC) numbers will become part of the Denver Broncos Franchise.

    For those GM’s selected to run the Denver Broncos Franchise, their teams will be left unaccounted for, all assistant GM’s will have first dibs on the open slots. Once the Denver Franchise is announced then the assistant GM’s will post first come first serve which open team they want to take over.

    Franchise Process

    Now for how the Franchise and public will co-exist.


    Any trade proposals between the Denver Broncos and any other Franchise agreed upon, must be posted to this thread by the VP. Each trade proposal will be numbered accordingly (Trade 1, Trade 2, etc.) and any voters will say yay or nay to the trade proposal. The VP when posting the Trade Proposal must also add this to every post: “any voters will say yay or nay to the trade proposal.”

    This is where it gets fun folks, the Denver Front Office does not have to take the advice from the public, it can do its own thing and go against the public and submit the trade to the council, but they will then have to release a presser explaining their actions. Gotta love the RP fun!

    As for how long the poll stays open, we leave that to the judgment of the Franchise.


    Draft picks will work similar to that of trades with the exception that the Denver VP must post a new thread with a poll of their top 5 players to pick. For 1st round the poll will be open for the full 3 hour duration to let fans have a choice. In the final 10 minutes the Denver Franchise will make their selection, again they can go with public opinion or make their own, and if they go their own route a presser explaining why must be posted.

    Well we went this route to allow everyone to participate with their favorite franchise and hope everyone will have fun with it.

    Good Luck to all!
    Bronco fan from Packer Land.
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    I thought this was a clever idea, yet nobody wants the Broncos now?


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      I am still interested in running the Broncos
      Arizona Cardinals GM.


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        I, berlownacyo7s , am interested in becoming VP of the Denver Broncos


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          I, Hoserman117 (GM of nothing), would like to become GM/VP/HC/Whatevs of the Denver Broncos.


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            i want to try for this.
            oakland raders gm
            latavis murray trade bait


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              I, BroncoFanBoy, am interested in running the Denver Broncos

              2014 Pick'Em Challenge Champion
              Proud Fan of the 3 Time Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos


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                I, THEdraftnik, want to be in the denver front office.
                Denver Broncos GM
                Originally posted by Mosk
                Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale


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                  Sign ups will close at 6pm eastern today.

                  Then I will assign each candidate a number and have the drawing. I will provide the SS of the process and announce the winners. then the new Front Office can commence operations.


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                    ill throw my name in here.


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                      Who is the GM? Its past 6. I have interests.
                      Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:


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                        I would like to respectfully withraw my name from consideration, sorry for any inconveniance.


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                          Originally posted by FlowdaBroncoFan View Post
                          Who is the GM? Its past 6. I have interests.
                          6 is only when signups close, that doesn't mean they've been selected yet.
                          Made by Houshmazode


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                            Oh. Well i still want to know. Lol
                            Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:


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                              Here is the number order for the drawing. Results will be posted momentarily.

                              1. amac1984
                              2. Hoserman117
                              3. Kyousukeneko
                              4. BroncoFanBoy
                              5. THEdraftnik
                              6. D.J.55
                              7. FlowdaBroncoFan

                              And some people have a life too, Flowda.

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