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BroncosTX77 Pre-Draft 3 Round Mock and Complete Denver Broncos Mock

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  • BroncosTX77 Pre-Draft 3 Round Mock and Complete Denver Broncos Mock

    This is my pre-draft mock. Links to my mid-season, pre-combine, and post-combine, and mocks:

    I have been working on a full 7 round mock draft, currently have 3+ rounds finished. I have included trades I felt Denver front office would make most if not all prospects were looked at by FO, and also some other front offices. I went about this mock with assumption of no Free Agency until after Draft.

    Final 2011 Denver Broncos Mock

    #5 DT Marcell Dareus: No explanation needed.

    #36 DT Marvin Austin: Denver released 2 vet DL and cupboard was bare.

    #38 RT Marcus Cannon: Cannon can start right away no matter the QB.

    #46 LB Mason Foster: Broncomaniac favorite new D Leader, welcome.

    #76 S Jaiquawn Jarrett: Baby B-Dawk. Elway and co. are big on this kid.

    #114 HB Charles Clay: H-Back can play RB, FB, or TE.

    #181 LB Lawrence Wilson: LB and ST depth never hurts.

    #184 DE Ricky Elmore: Pure rusher for passing downs and ST depth.

    #238 WR Scotty McKnight: Homer pick. CU!

    Denver trades #2 to Arizona for #5, #38, and 2012 2nd rd pick.
    Denver trades #67 to San Francisco 49ers for picks # 76 and #114

    Round 1:

    1. Carolina PanthersQB Cam Newton: I don’t like the pick but Cam will sell tickets for the “other” Jerry.

    2. *Arizona Cardinals LB Von Miller: Cardinals aren’t sold on Gabbert and trade up to nab the best Pass Rush LB in the draft.

    3. Buffalo BillsCB Patrick Peterson: Buffalo FO drafts BPA like they did last year.

    4. Cincinnati BengalsWR AJ Green: TO and OC gone, whomever the QB is going to need targets to throw to.

    5. *Denver BroncosDT Marcel Dareus: Shrewd move by Denver pays off get the safest DT in the draft.

    6. +Houston TexansLB Robert Quinn: Houston panics with new DC and new scheme and no Outside Pass Rush and jump ahead of SF to get their man.

    7. San Francisco 49ers – CB Prince Amukamara: Gabbert doesn’t impress and SF goes with top Defense need.

    8. Tennessee TitansDT Nick Fairley: Best DT in draft drops into Titans lap. Imagine if Haynesworth comes back….

    9. Dallas CowboysOT Tyron Smith: Cowboys need OL so bad they get the best in the draft. Romo has that ****-eating grin stuck on his face.

    10. Washington RedskinsQB Jake Locker : Whoa curveball! Shanny had Locker as Top 5 QB last year but he gets his LT last year, this year he gets his QB. Jake The Snake Part Deux.

    11. +Cleveland BrownsWR Julio Jones: Browns trade down grab an extra 3rd and 2nd next year and still gets Charlie Browns favorite!

    12. Minnesota VikingsQB Blaine Gabbert: Gabbert could be in for an Aaron Rogers free fall, luckily another NFC Norris team steps up to the plate.

    13. # New England Patriots DE JJ Watt: Patriots have so many picks in the draft they can pick and choose where they want to draft their favorite players. They give up a 3rd round pick to move up and get a prototypical Belichick player.

    14. St. Louis RamsDL Cameron Jordan: Senior Bowl and excellent offseason earned Jordan mega bucks. He is scheme diverse and Spags grabs another DL for his rotation.

    15. @Tampa Bay BuccaneersDE Ryan Kerrigan: Here is a surprise! Bucs hit the panic button since DE’s are flying off the board. They jump ahead of Jags to get their man to replace the dearly departed Gaines Adams (RIP).

    16. Jacksonville JaguarsDE Aldon Smith: Consolation prize. Jags miss out on Smith’s guy and grab the next best thing in Smith. Let’s all hope he can rush the passer better than their last 2 DE picks.

    17. #Detroit Lions CB Jimmy Smith: Detroit has fallen in love 2 prospects this offseason and Smith for some odd reason is one of em and lets hope the feeling is mutual. Lions gain a 3rd and still get their guy.

    18. San Diego ChargersDE Muhammad Wilkerson: BPA for AJ Smith.

    19. New York GiantsOT Anthony Costanzo: Move over Yankees, the Giants are bringing in their own Costanz(o). Let’s hope he is able to give Eli some time to throw the ball to “HIS” team for years to come.

    20. @Miami DolphinsOL Mike Pouncey: Dolphins get the 2nd back they wasted on Brandon Marshall last year and shore up their OLine with the “Other” Pouncey brother.

    21. Kansas City ChiefsNT Phil Taylor: Pioli is known for crazy first round reaches ie. Tyson Jackson, well he does it again with another reach for the same DLine.

    22. Indianapolis ColtsOT Derek Sherrod: Let’s hope Sherrod has a hardy constitution that can take criticism, because Manning is frothing at the bit…..

    23. Philadelphia EaglesOT Gabe Carimi: Reid loves him some Beef on the O-line. Eagles need some Dawgs in the trenches to keep Vick on a leash.

    24. New Orleans SaintsDE Da’Quan Bowers: Such a tragic fall for a one time #1 pick prospect. Some may consider this the steal of the draft, but a one year wonder with serious knee issues in offseason….

    25. Seattle SeahawksDT Corey Liuget: Seahawks hope to keep Mebane around if they can’t Liuget steps in, if they do not sure anyone can run on that duo.

    26. Baltimore Ravens DE Cameron Heyward: Word on the street is Ravens are in love with 5-Techniques and well they get the one that could’ve bee a Top 10 pick in 2010, but dropped this year because of a lack of pass rush skills.

    27. Atlanta FalconsDE Brooks Reed: This kid is pushing his way into round 1 with a great offseason. Reminds me a lot of Jared Allen when he came out and his continuous motor and coachability gets him in the first.

    28. New England PatriotsLB Justin Houston: Patriots need a pass rush in the worst way possible from all angles. They get a rusher that has experience rushing standing up or with his hand on the ground.

    29. Chicago BearsOG Danny Watkins: Let’s all agree any pick on the O-Line for Chicago is a great pick. Watkins is steadily moving up on all draft boards. Cutler is amused at least.

    30. New York JetsLB Martez Wilson: What Rex Ryan wants, Rex Ryan gets.

    31. Pittsburgh SteelersS Aaron Williams: Don’t believe everything you read, especially about Pittsburgh and Texas Longhorn prospects. Pittsburgh Steelers sure don’t, otherwise they wouldn’t have sent everyone including the kitchen sink to Austin for Pro Day.

    32. Green Bay PackersLB Akeem Ayers: Packers get LB help where they were burned by injuries last year. Ayers can play all LB positions but will be thrown in opposite Matthews.

    * Denver trades pick #2 to Arizona for picks #5, #38, and 2012 2nd rd pick.
    + Cleveland trades pick #6 to Houston for picks #11, #73, and 2012 2nd rd pick.
    # Detroit trades pick #13 to New England for picks #17 and #74
    @ Miami trades pick #15 and #79 to Tampa Bay for picks #20 and #51

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    ROUND 2

    33. New England PatriotsOT Nate Solder: Smart athletic kid. Patriots OL is getting long in the tooth.

    34. Buffalo BillsQB Colin Kaepernick: Chan Gailey misses out on Cam, but gets the next best thing. Colin can sit a year or 2 behind Fitz til he is ready.

    35. Cincinnati BengalsQB Ryan Mallett: Bad Boy image? He will feel right at home in Cincinnati and rejoice he has AJ Green to throw to!

    36. Denver BroncosDT Marvin Austin: Double dip? Denver released all “Would-be” DT starters already. Outstanding offseason has boosted his stock after dismal oops 2010.

    37. Cleveland BrownsDT Stephen Paea: Paea strongest man alive…in the NFL anyway, paired with Rubin shouldn’t have to worry about the run.

    38. *Denver BroncosOT Marcus Cannon: Elway and company have given up on Harris and with the pick they get from Arizona get their new RT of the future.

    39. Tennessee TitansQB Christian Ponder: New Titan staff is enamored with this QB. The old regime flunked with South Texan VY, now they will try with North Texan Ponder.

    40. Dallas CowboysOL Rodney Hudson: Someone check Jerry Jones pulse. Back to back O-Line at top of draft. No flash. Romo is still sitting there with a huge grin.

    41. ^ Philadelphia EaglesCB Brandon Harris: TRADE! Eagles are worried Texans might grab their man so they move up to help a depleted secondary. Free Agents haven’t shored up the secondary so they come calling to the ‘U’.

    42. Houston TexansS Rahim Moore: Texans released both safeties from a year ago. Moore comes in and starts day 1 and should be the ballhawk they never had at that position.

    43. Minnesota VikingsWR Torrey Smith: Bernard Berrian is washed up and who know what will happen with Sidney Rice. Smith is a burner and will help stretch the field for Gabbert.

    44. Detroit LionsLB Bruce Carter: Here is the second half of the Lions lovefest. Schwartz loves him some Carter. Unfortunate ACL injury may keep him out til midseason but that wont stop Lions from getting their man.

    45. San Francisco 49ersQB Andrew Dalton: Well we should know by end of 2nd round if Harbaugh plans on sacrificing his first year in the pro’s to get his boy in 2012. My crystal ball says no and he goes with Andy Dalton who should fit quite well in WCO.

    46. Denver BroncosLB Mason Foster: Broncomaniacs are going goo-goo over Foster. Foster is the leader Denver hasn’t had since Al Wilson was in town. Expect Foster to play from day 1 at SLB or MLB.

    47. St. Louis RamsWR Leonard Hankerson: Bradford rejoices he has a WR to throw to.

    48. Oakland Raiders - OL Ben Ijalana: All world Bruce Campbell isn’t exactly what the Cryptkeeper thought he would be. So now he grabs another Combine winner to compete with Campbell. Expect both to start on the O-Line.

    49. Jacksonville JaguarsS Quinton Carter: Any secondary help is much appreciated in Jacksonville.

    50. San Diego ChargersWR Jonathan Baldwin: I can’t see anyone else to better replace Vincent Jackson with, than his baby clone!

    51. @Miami DolphinsRB Mark Ingram: Dolphins are laughing all the way to the bank. First round ha! They get the man everyone mocks in round 1 with the 2nd round pick they got for trading down.

    52. New York GiantsRB Mikel Leshoure: Jacobs is done and Bradshaw cannot be relied upon. Giants go through RB like Yankees go through high priced Pitchers.

    53. Indianapolis ColtsDT Christian Ballard: Colts still keep trying to find that DT compliment that will help their 2 monster DE’s.

    54. ^ Washington RedskinsRB Ryan Williams: Shanahan trades down and still gets his guy. Williams and Torain will make for one heckuva RB Mash Unit.

    55. Kansas City ChiefsOL Marcus Gilbert: Brandon Albert is who I thought he was, a guard. Gilbert comes in right away and plugs up the right side of Squaws O-Line.

    56. New Orleans SaintsDT Drake Nevis: Local boy that can play next to Ellis right away. Should help the pass rush out.

    57. Seattle SeahawksOL Clint Boling: Versatile ZBS OL that plays Guard but can LT in a pinch and with SeaChickens OL injury woes will be a great help his rookie year.

    58. Baltimore Ravens - LB Jabaal Sheard: Let’s hope Ravens have better luck this year with OLB than they did last year in round 2. I’d advice Sheard to live in 1-story dwellings.

    59. Atlanta FalconsTE Kyle Rudolph: Rudolph may not drop this far, but I still feel he is destined for Atlanta. Gonzo cant play forever. Can he?

    60. New England PatriotsLB Terrell McClain: Belichick figures why not I have ton of picks why not double dip. Patriots have spent a lot of offseason time with this prospect.

    61. San Diego Chargers LB Sam Acho: English isn’t producing. Merriman is gone so they need someone who can at least act like they can get to the QB while not on the juice.

    62. Chicago BearsCB Ras-I Dowling: Considered one of if not the best Tampa 2 cover corner in the draft.

    63. Pittsburgh SteelersOL Chris Hairston: Maybe if Pittsburgh front office invests in protection for Big Ben so he doesn’t have to run for his life every snap, he won’t be obligated to run after all those little girls in the offseason!

    64. Green Bay PackersDE Jarvis Jenkins: Packers need to replace another Jenkins and their DL depth takes a hit because of Free Agency, whenever it starts.

    * Denver trades pick #2 to Arizona for picks #5, #38, and 2012 2nd rd pick.
    @ Miami trades pick #15 and #79 to Tampa Bay for picks #20 and #51
    ^ Washington trades pick #41 and #152 to Philadelphia for picks #54 and #85
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      65. Carolina PanthersDT Jurrell Casey: DT was actually Panthers biggest need coming into the season.

      66. Cincinnati BengalsDL Allen Bailey: Bailey just adds a body to the DL rotation since Bengals can’t keep many healthy.

      67. %San Francisco 49ersLB Chris Carter: Harbaugh moves up to steal OLB from Bills. 49ers need serious pass rush help.

      68. Buffalo BillsOL Orlando Franklin: bills O-Line is atrocious. Can’t stay healthy need more bodies.

      69. Arizona CardinalsCB Johnny Patrick: Cardinals secondary sucked last year. Must be the Cromartie effect.

      70. Cleveland BrownsOL Will Rackley: Holmgren and co. have had their eye on this kid this offseason and pull the trigger here. Depth never hurt any O-Line, Charlie.

      71. Dallas CowboysDB Curtis Brown: Ah Jerry Jones does have a pulse. See ya wouldn’t wanna be Newman.

      72. New Orleans SaintsCB Brandon Burton: Saints are still getting scorched in the secondary. More bodies to help stop the bleeding.

      73. +Cleveland BrownsOL James Brewer: Ruh roh raggy! Charlie Brown must be shaking his head in disbelief. Browns can now say they have shored up the OL and Colt feels safer and more holes for Hillis to bull through.

      74. #Detroit LionsWR Titus Young: Detroits pick from the Patriot trade nets them a playmaker to start opposite Megatron. Now if only Stafford can stay upright...

      75. Detroit LionsOL Lee Ziemba: Speaking of which Stafford giggles gleely at the sight of a new O-Lineman.

      76. % Denver Broncos - S Jaiquawn Jarrett: Denver likes this kid. Prototypical Fox Safety, played CB in college. Eventual replacement for B-Dawk and he has the attitude to be a leader in the Dawk mold.

      77. Tennessee TitansLB Colin McCarthy: Thin at LB, McCarthy has a chance to step in right away as a starter.

      78. St. Louis RamsOL Marcus Gilchrist: Bradford got lucky his rookie season. time to solidify the OL and make luck into second nature.

      79. @Tampa Bay BuccaneersRB Kendall Hunter: Cadillac is a free-agent and Blount cannot be counted on to carry the load.

      80. Jacksonville JaguarsCB Davon House: SEE PICK 49.

      81. Oakland RaidersRB Shane Vereen: Cryptkeeper rolled over in his grave when he saw this kid run.

      82. San Diego ChargersRB JacQuizz Rodgers: AJ has a thing for this kind of back and he isn’t bringing Sproles back for that kind of money.

      83. New York GiantsLB Kelvin Sheppard: It use to be the Giants could never have enough DL, well it’s like that with LB now.

      84. $ New England PatriotsOL Stefen Wisniewski: Belichick clause use all those unwanted picks to move up and get our guy.

      85. Philadelphia EaglesLB Quan Sturdivant: I’ve never seen a team have so many problems finding LB’s like the Eagles do. Maybe they should invest a 1st round pick for one….

      86. Kansas City ChiefsWR Austin Pettis: Bowe can’t do it by himself all the time, just ask Champ Bailey. Hopefully Pettis can see the light.

      87. Indianapolis ColtsOL John Moffitt: Manning loves fresh meat to the grinder. Let’s just hope he reacts better than the guy before him.

      88. New Orleans SaintsLB Greg Jones: Bit of a reach but Saints are hurting for LB help.

      89. San Diego ChargersCB Shareece Wright: Hard to tell if it is the lack of pass rush or just bad CB play. Why not draft both and find out?

      90. Baltimore Ravens - OL James Carpenter: Gaither may never be the same. Oher isn’t living up to his Hollywood status. Ravens need all the OT help they can get.

      91. Atlanta FalconsCB Josh Thomas: Decimated secondary gets a boost with yet another CB from the draft. Let’s hope they hit with this one.

      92. $ Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE Lance Kendricks: One guarantee in Tampa Bay is Kellen Winslow will get hurt, insert Kendricks.

      93. Chicago BearsOL Jake Kirkpatrick: Jay Cutler is breakdancing on his gimpy knee…er wait. Bears OL is getting better.

      94. New York JetsATH Randall Cobb: Ryan got burned by letting Woodhead go. He replaces him with a better version.

      95. Pittsburgh Steelers – WR Edmond Gates: Hines Ward can’t play forever can he?

      96. Green Bay PackersWR Greg Little: James Jones is as good as gone and so are his butter fingers. Greg Little could be the steal of the draft to this point.

      97. Carolina PanthersDT Kenrick Ellis: Coach Rivera let the owner have his money maker. Now Rivera gets what he wants and that is a stout D-Line.

      + Cleveland trades pick #6 to Houston for picks #11, #73, and 2012 2nd rd pick.
      # Detroit trades pick #13 to New England for picks #17 and #74
      @ Miami trades pick #15 and #79 to Tampa Bay for picks #20 and #51
      % Denver trades pick #67 to San Francisco 49ers for picks # 76 and #114
      $ New England trades pick #92 and #124 to Tampa Bay for pick #79
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        excellent mock.............

        That's the best one I've seen so far, but can you explain why you think Dareus would really fall that far?
        Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!


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          Originally posted by Al Wilson 4 Mayor View Post
          excellent mock.............

          That's the best one I've seen so far, but can you explain why you think Dareus would really fall that far?
          IMO only 3 Top 10 teams have Huge DT NEED: Carolina, Denver, and Tennessee. Carolina passes on DT, possible Buffalo takes Dareus but worth the risk since Buffalo also NEEDS QB and CB, since Florence is FA. Cincinnati NEEDS are QB and WR and Gabbert and Green on the board. No other team is going to give up their draft to move up into top 4 to get Dareus, so he should still be there for Denver. Tennessee isnt going to move up in Top 5 when they can wait to see if Fairley or Gabbert fall in their laps.


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            Originally posted by BroncosTX77 View Post
            IMO only 3 Top 10 teams have Huge DT NEED: Carolina, Denver, and Tennessee. Carolina passes on DT, possible Buffalo takes Dareus but worth the risk since Buffalo also NEEDS QB and CB, since Florence is FA. Cincinnati NEEDS are QB and WR and Gabbert and Green on the board. No other team is going to give up their draft to move up into top 4 to get Dareus, so he should still be there for Denver. Tennessee isnt going to move up in Top 5 when they can wait to see if Fairley or Gabbert fall in their laps.
            Florence may be a free agent, but he's the nickel back.

            Buffalo has McKelvin and McGee and CB is their strongest defensive position.


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              I like the mock.

              I just don't see why Arizona would move up to get Miller when he'd still be there at #5 anyway.

              That's my only critique. Great job!


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                One issue

                As a Pats fan, I think I need to note this. Tom Condon is one of the bigger agents in football right now. Enhancing this thought, J.J. Watt is one of his clients.

                Belichick hates Tom Condon. Ever since Condon almost screwed the Pats and Ben Watson out of a contract deal, Belichick seems to have actively tried not to draft anyone represented by him (And has succeeded! Not a single Tom Condon player drafted in 5 years~!).

                I doubt he changes that attitude now.

                Further elaboration on 2 teams that I-like/I-like-due-to-association/somehow-developed-an-affinity-for

                I love the SF portion. They fix a lot of problems, and they get an actual QB to try out instead of the Smiths... or God forbid, Carr... isn't it horrible that they have 2 #1 picks on their roster, and both suck?

                Detroit... Jimmy Smith is hard to pin with their # pick. It seems like a reach to most, and it strictly goes against their natural "BPA within reason" philosophy - I think the consensus Big Board has him around 30. It's hard to say who the pick WOULD be, though... especially with most of the DEs & both good CBs off the board. Castonzo would probably be the pick, though... with how much Schwartz is harping about protecting Stafford, grabbing Castonzo in the 1st and Davon House in the 3rd seems a more likely scenario.
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                  No pics & height/weight.


                  But in all seriousness, it looks awesome. I would love for that to happen.
                  St. Louis Rams GM


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                    Great mock..... I would be happy with that. I do think Fairley would be a far better pick. But trading down and getting either would be awesome. My only change... I think Pea over Austin in round 2.
                    Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic


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                      Very good Browns mock.

                      If the draft went that way I think I'd have a terrible headache from all the celebrating... my only issue is drafting two offensive linemen in the same round. The Browns could just draft an offensive tackle and see how Lauvao does at RG with Mack and Brewer right next to him..

                      Instead of drafting Rackley they could instead draft a DE .... or even a SS.

                      Oh wow, just noticed an old post from last year in your links. I still dislike Fairley but why was I so against Julio Jones? I don't even know why...
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                        To be perfectly honest, if Watt, Jordan and Kerrigan are off the board when Jax picks, I think they would rather have CB Smith than DE Smith. I think he would be higher on their board than Aldon.

                        I really like our draft and how it all panned out with the acception of my previous statement of the Smith's.
                        Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:


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                          I'd wet myself if we traded down to 5, and STILL got Dareus. Great mock!

                          I've noticed more fans want Foster these days. Since I did draft him in our GM game as the Ravens GM, I know a little bit about him. I believe his pass rushing skills are underrated and he could really help us out. Against the run as well.

                          Well done TX!

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                            Very good mock. I would definately go a different route for us though if we had those picks. I don't see baldwin, rudolph, or ingram lasting as long as they do in ur mocks though. I also wouldn't be surprised if dallas took pouncey over smith. My BIG problem; u don't have todman getting drafted in the 1st 3 rounds that's just not realistic especially when u have voreen and quizz in there


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                              Oh and I don't think shareece will go nearly that high either. Other than that, very realistic