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    i bet shanny will draft locker which will cause the vikes to panic and draft mallet.

    yeah but jags are in love with kerrigan and will pick him.
    oakland raders gm
    latavis murray trade bait


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      Originally posted by Doheenz View Post
      Hey Guys! Doheenz here bringing you all my second annual mock draft. Firstly i would like to note that I will not be involving any trades due to the current status of the CBA; this also means no free agency. A few other points of interest are...
      • Ryan Harris will be the Broncos RT in 2012
      • Tim Tebow will be the Broncos QB in 2012

      Check out my two mocks from last year!

      So without further adieu...

      1 (#2) - Marcel Dareus - DT
      "Dareus has a rare blend of size and speed. Can hold his ground at the point of attack. Gets off blocks in a hurry and shows excellent pursuit from the backside. Explodes off the ball when rushing the passer. Gets to the quarterback with power, quick moves and closing burst. Good intangibles. "

      My Take: Dareus is a stout man whom can engulf running plays but also shows great ability to get after the QB. To me, is a relatively safe pick as he has great intangibles and no real character concerns.

      2 (#36) - Kyle Rudolph - TE
      "Rudolph is tall with a monster frame. Possesses an explosive first step and has the speed to stretch the field. Fluid in transition to separate in man and shows a good feel for finding soft spots in zone coverage. Has excellent hands and the body control to win jump balls. Tough kid that always finishes the play"

      My Take: Rudolph will give us an elite caliber TE and add an extra dimension to our offense. We will have the ability to stack the line in two TE and I-formation sets, but teams will still have to respect Rudolph's ability to burn them deep up the seams. My only concern is his injury history.

      2 (#46) - Rahim Moore - FS
      "Moore is long with a muscular build. Has excellent range to be a true centerfielder and cover the deep middle. Shows great awareness in zone coverage and the ability to recognize and jump routes. Possesses terrific hand-eye coordination and comes down with interceptions in traffic. Reads quickly, fills fast and does not shy away from contact in run support. "

      My Take: Moore will be our rangy, deep middle field FS. A very solid player all around with great instincts and ball hawking ability.

      3 (#67) - Mark Herzlich - OLB
      "Herzlich possesses rare intangibles for an NFL Draft prospect. Is a highly-productive player who has a terrific blend of height, bulk and top-end speed. Plays with good awareness and discipline and doesn't stay blocked long. Can make plays from sideline-to-sideline and can stay with running backs in coverage. Can rush the passer and displays great closing burst. "

      My Take: Pre-cancer was considered a lock as a first round draft choice. Since returning he had a bit of a down year statistically, but that is certainly to be expected... I like Herzlich because to me, he's just a true football player, very stout against the run and a good coverage guy as well. We draft him to play SAM linebacker in our new 4-3.

      6 (#186) - Jeron Johnson - SS

      "Johnson holds up well in man coverage for a safety. Can run with slots and has the athleticism to mirror and shadow routes. Acts as a coach on the field and will line up his teammates. Willing to help out in run support. Possesses good intangibles."

      6 (#189) - Chris Neild - NT
      "Neild is tall enough with a thick lower half. Plays with good leverage and clogs up running lanes. Delivers a powerful initial punch and possesses very heavy active hands to shed blocks. Flashes a powerful bull rush. High effort kid that fights to the whistle and finishes plays."

      7 (#246) - Noel Devine - RB
      "Devine is an electric back capable of going the distance on every carry. Displays very good vision and patience, finds running lanes quickly, and reaches top speed in an instant. Possesses reliable hands and is a nightmare to tackle in the open field due to excellent change of direction skills. "
      Quotes Via

      other sources,
      I am warming up to the idea of taking Rudolph early in the second if he is still there - not sure he will be though, but would be nice. I don't think we can afford his there though if Harris is gone though - so I think we need to do what we have to to resign him and not have to use one of our first 4 picks on the OL.

      I like Moore - I think we need to add a couple of safeties to that group - Dawkins and Hill may both be gone before the season starts and our young core is fairly injury prone.

      Herzlich may be a stretch here - we do need a LB (or 2) and it could be addressed here in the draft. This could also be a spot to take an OL or a RB that we like that has fallen a bit in the draft.


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        Good Browns selection.

        Not the player I like. But, fills a need.
        The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

        The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?