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If we trade back and the BPA is a DE like Quinn, do we keep Ayers at LB?

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    Not quite vicks legs lol similar legs to campbell actually but I'd want cam too he's a beast


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      If Ponder or Locker falls to pick #36, we WILL take them. If not, watch for us to maybe go after Colin Kaepernick. There were a lot of reports that we're really interested in Kaepernick. We already had a private workout with him and he's coming to Dove Valley for a visit. I don't see how he's an upgrade over Tebow, but new regimes mean new QB's. I'll support whatever direction this new regime decides to go in.



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        I think we really want to deal Orton if possible. To do that we need to have competition at QB. I am sure the new regime would prefer a passing QB and yes Ponder is a guy who fits the mold.

        If we can deal Orton for a 2nd after the draft to a team who missed on a QB, then using a 2nd on a QB this year is really a wash.
        Ravens GM 2016 - Ravens are looking to trade down 4-8 spots


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          Originally posted by Denver Mike View Post
          Look at the huge drop that Clausen made with an attitude problem.. Mallett is the same way.. and with drug concerns.. I doubt he will be taken before the 5th.. and in my opinion he is the most physically talented Quarterback in the draft.
          ummm Clausen dropped to the second round thats not that huge of a drop since he was projected to go in the late 1st, you are talking about the qbs falling all the way to the 4th or 5th when I am willing to bet they dont make it past the top of the third AT THE LATEST


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            Go here and vote

            PS; You wont get Mallet or locker in the 3rd IMO little own the 4th-5th


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              2011 "No-CBA" DRAFT

              1 (trade from New England) Anthony Costanzo, OT, Boston College
              2a (trade from New England) Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State
              2b Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina
              2c Mason Foster, OLB, Washington
              3 Curtis Marsh, CB, Utah State
              6a Colin Franklin, TE, Iowa State
              6b Da'Rel Scott, RB, Maryland
              7 Chris Harris, CB/FS/NB, Kansas

              RFA: Chris Prosinski, S, Wyoming; Richard Lapham, OT, Boston College

              Hey, Smokebasket. I've been paroozing the posts and I keep looking at your trade with NE scenario Draft Day, and am impressed that you parlayed our trade-down-first-pick into an OT. Costanzo. Very bold. Like it. I see you must feel guilty addressing O-Line before D-Line because you go DT-DT at the start of Round 2. Very shrewd move . . . if Austin would turn out to be good.

              Good Draft.


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                Originally posted by Cugel View Post
                Some points:

                1. Without a CBA teams can only trade picks for picks, not players. So, no mock showing a trade involving a veteran player has any chance of being right.

                2. Although teams are assuming there's going to be a revised rookie salary cap, that is a smokescreen!

                The teams are all *****ing about "we're broke! We can't afford these rookies!" when the reality is that rookie salaries as a percentage of total revenues hardly increased at all.

                How do we know when the league refuses to open their books for this very reason -- it would prove they were lying all along in their hypocritical cries of "poverty?"

                Answer: What would a team do if they were stuck with a top 10 pick, because no other team would trade with them and take it off their hands, and they felt that no player they could select was worth the money?

                They would simply do what the Vikings did a few years ago -- fail to turn in their card to the Commissioner until several other teams had picked. You have the #7 pick and there's nobody you think is worth the price? Just wait until three more teams have picked and THEN turn in your card!

                VOILA! You now have made the #11 pick and will NOT have to pay him top 10 money!

                That is EXACTLY what every team would try and do if they REALLY believed that top 5 picks "are not worth the money."

                In short, all the talk about picks being worth more because of a new salary cap is just BULL! It will make NO DIFFERENCE!

                The real reason they don't trade those top picks is

                1. Because most top 10 teams fall in love with a player they can only get in the top 10 and don't WANT to trade down.

                2. Most teams wanting to trade up don't want to give up what they'd have to give up to move up. It's TOO EXPENSIVE!

                That also just proves that teams value those top picks VERY HIGHLY! Why not modify the Draft Values Chart so the top picks are only worth slightly more than the #11 pick for instance -- if the top 10 players aren't worth the money? Teams should be MORE willing to trade down, NOT LESS! With weak demand and plenty of supply the price should FALL!

                And the values chart only reflects what NFL GMs do. That top pick shouldn't be worth 3000 points if nobody wanted it! ("Hell yes! We'll trade you our top pick for the #11 and a 4th rounder! [aside: Sucker!]")

                Teams don't want to "give away" those picks for "nothing" -- in short they won't make a deal unless the team moving up is willing to give up multiple 1st and 2nd round picks & or players.

                And no team wanting to move up is willing to do that UNLESS they see a "franchise QB" sitting there and can't get him later.
                I agree franchise qb's are the only reason teams make that jump in the top ten....lucky for us if dareus goes to carolina we should be getting calls from Ten/AZ/SF and maybe even Minn to get a QB before Buf at 3.....