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Why the Corey Liuget Hype?

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    Originally posted by Touch_30_Down View Post
    I've been following Corey since the beginning of this year when a homer fan said he is like Ndamukah Suh.
    What I saw this year was a mixed bag, but I'm pretty sure that if Liuget stayed for his senior year we would be viewing him as a prospect with the same caliber as Suh.
    Against teams like OSU/MSU/Missouri he flat out dominated, and looked like a #1 DT.
    He's super athletic, but he's also a pretty big guy who can play pretty stout. I think he needs to not rely on his athletic ability as much and develop some better pass rushing moves, but when he does that I think he will truly become an EXCELLENT interior pass rusher. Against the run he has a tendency to play high sometimes but he generally gets nice leverage. He's a great tackler, and has an GREAT motor. And he has very solid intangibles, and is a solid leader/worker by all accounts.
    I think Dareus and Fairley are better prospects but if we move back...I would not be sad with Liuget at all. If he is still around near the late first...I'd trade up to get him, it would be a huge steal IMO.

    A page and a half into the thread before someone finally presents a decent, well thought out argument for Liuget. CP to you sir.


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      Originally posted by beastlyskronk View Post
      Because an edge pass rush is useless if the DTs can't collapse the pocket. While Liuget may not get the sack they'll be less room for the QB to scramble away from Dumervil. Liuget would help Dumervil out a lot when it comes to sacking the QB. Plus Liuget is great against the run and we suck at it.
      Originally posted by Broncosfan1235 View Post
      Are you aware how vital a pocket collapsing DT is? With a DT consistently driving his man back, and thus giving the opposing QB nowhere to go, it makes a pass rusher like Dumervil devastating. Interior dlineman very rarely put up big sack numbers, that is not their role. That is the very reason why everybody is freaking out over Suh, 10 sacks for a rookie DT just doesn't happen. Back to Liuget, he has proven himself a great run stopper, and he consistently pushed his man back. He may not get big stats, but if he can be a run stopping force, and consistently collapse the pocket, he will dramatically help this D, even without registering a single sack.
      Originally posted by johnlimburg View Post
      And if you play a guy like Luiget/Fairley/Dareus next to Dumervil it would wrech havoc over there. It would create good looks over the other side for say Vickerosn and Ayers and open up a lot of oppurtunites to get afyter the QB.

      Plus DUmervil struggles against the run and if you pair him up next to Dareus or Luiget. It would help him in that department aswell.

      And we all know that Ayers and Vickerson can haddle the run.

      I say a line of this would be benificial for us against the run and to get after the QB.

      All good answers. Thanks for the input guys. I'm still not sold on Liuget in the early to middle first, but he's definitely worth a later first round shot.


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        He's a top 15 guy imo, Ive mocked him to the rams for weeks and weeks.


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          To the u like sedrick ellis from the saints? if the answer is yes then you should like Liuget as well. If the answer is no and you want ten sacks from your DT on a reg basis but no help in the run game then dont look at Liuget....liuget is good for holding the POA, and disrupting the backfield forcing stuff to the edge. with a edge rusher like doom its perfect. I would figure liuget for about 4-5 sacks and a whole lot of busted run plays becasue of him....

          to each his dont like him cool...those of us on the hype train like me in a big way will enjoy seeing what he can do in the pros.....oh and the talking heads and scouts that get paid to evaluate this stuff, they agree he is gonna be pretty damn good too:thumb: