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  • Flowda's Pre-Draft Mock Draft

    Ok ladies and gentlemen. This is my final mock just before the real deal. This mock is with the assumption that NO CBA will come to fruition prior to the Draft. So that means no trades unless it is just pick for pick. I will also include a FULL 1st round mock so you see how I think the 1st round will unfold.

    Without further ado.

    **Trade- Denver trades the #2 over all pick to the Arizona Cardinals for #5 and #38 overall.**

    Reasoning- Denver needs more picks to fill the multiple wholes and Arizona wants a QB to compete with Skelton.

    #5- Marcell Dareus DT Alabama- Concensus pick. Run stuffing DT that we desperately need. You will see in my FULL 1st round mock why he is still available at #5.

    **Trade- Denver trades the #38 and #46 overall picks to the New England Patriots for the #28 overall pick.**

    Reasoning- Denver wants to get back into the 1st round to secure another top talent prospect while still keeping a 2nd round pick. New England always trades down for more picks.

    #28- Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA- Our LB core isnt suited to well for the 4-3. IMO Ayers can play the WILL, DJ the MIKE and Woody the SAM.

    #36- Marvin Austin DT North Carolina- Penetrating DT to put pressure on the opposing QB.

    **Trade- Denver trades their 3rd round pick to the Jaguars for the #114 and #121 overall picks.**

    Reasoning- Denver still needs more picks and the Jags will want to get a remaining QB.

    #114- Joseph Barksdale RT LSU- With Harris being a FA we need another RT. Barksdale is one of the best tecnically sound OTs in the draft.

    #121- Shiloh Keo SS- We need a S in this draft with Dawkins and Hill getting up there in age.

    #186- Derek Locke RB Kentucky- Nice COP back to spell Moreno.

    #189- Chris Conte FS- Again, more safety help.

    7th- Greg McElroy QB Alabama- If Elway is serious about a QB McElroy isnt that bad, but he fell due to his hand injury.

    Now we move onto the FULL 1st round mock:

    #1 Car- Cam Newton
    #2 Ari- Blaine Gabbert
    #3 Buf- Von Miller
    #4 Cin- AJ Greene
    #5 Den- Marcell Dareus
    #6 Cle- Julio Jones
    #7 SF- Patrick Peterson
    #8 Ten- Nick Fairley
    #9 Dal- Tyron Smith
    #10 Was- Jake Locker (just a feeling, yeah I know SHOCKER)
    #11 Hou- Prince Amukamara
    #12 Min- Robert Quinn
    #13 Det- Da'Quan Bowers
    #14 St. L- Aldon Smith
    #15 Mia- Mark Ingram
    #16 Jax- Ryan Kerrigan
    #17 NE- JJ Watt
    #18 SD- Cameron Jordan
    #19 NYG- Anthony Costanzo
    #20 TB- Justin Houston
    #21 KC- Phil Taylor
    #22 Ind- Gabe Carimi
    #23 Phi- Derek Sherrod
    #24 NO- Corey Luiget
    #25 Sea- Mike Pouncey
    #26 Bal- Jimmy Smith
    #27 ATL- Brooks Reid
    #28 Den- Akeem Ayers
    #29 Chi- Nate Solder
    #30 NYJ- Cameron Heyward
    #31 Pit- Aaron Williams
    #32 GB- Muhammad Wilkerson

    Tear it up folks. Give me some contructive critisisms. Thanks for reading and I hope you like it.
    Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:

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    The value on the 1st trade is way off, I understand give and take but no way we settle for that, as for the pick itself I would much rather have Fairley especially if you're going to partner him with Austin.

    I like the Ayers trade

    I like the Austin pick

    I don't think Jax would make that trade, I don't see a QB falling that far without falling to their pick anyways.

    I would change Locke to alex green and Conte to Mario Harvey, but that's just me.

    Other than that it's a good mock by the players picked, but the value is a bit off
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      I don't think the values of the trades are that bad - I would love to take Dareus and get the early 2nd round pick as well to move down. I don't see us moving any further than #5.

      I like the idea of us moving back into the end of the first round - but only if we can gain an extra pick. I am not convinced that Ayers will fall that far, but would love to add those 2 to the front 4. I don't think we would also need to go with Austin, but I wouldn't complain. It would be really nice to also see Rudolph land at #36.

      Well thought out, imo.


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        Thanks for the input.

        As far as Ayers is concerned. He would be the WLB not DE. Our front 7 would look like:

        R. Ayers- M. Dareus- M. Austin- E. Dumervill

        A. Ayers- D. Williams- W. Woodyard.

        As far as Jax is concerned. They will want either Kaepernick or Dalton. It is feasible that they trade up for one of them and take a OG/OT as well in the 3rd. Just my 2 cents.
        Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:


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          Woody at slb is NOT a good idea imo


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            Originally posted by themadfanatic View Post
            Woody at slb is NOT a good idea imo
            Why not? and how would your LB core look?
            Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:


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              He's a will. With that draft since u have no mike; woody-wlb dj-mlb ayers-slb


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                Originally posted by themadfanatic View Post
                He's a will. With that draft since u have no mike; woody-wlb dj-mlb ayers-slb
                Is Ayers projected as a SLB or WLB?
                Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:


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                  Slb ten char


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                    Originally posted by themadfanatic View Post
                    Slb ten char
                    ok. I was under the assumption he was a WLB. That is even better. I wanted Woody at WLB but thought Ayers was a WLB. I do think Woody could play SLB if asked to though.
                    Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:


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                      Originally posted by themadfanatic View Post
                      Slb ten char
                      So what is you opinion on both the Broncos draft and the full 1st round?
                      Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:


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                        Their both good mocks, I prefer fairley over dareus BUT I think dareus and austin would compliment each other


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                          Ayers can actually play all 3 LB spots and can play some with his hand on the ground.

                          Hate the Texans pick. Quinn still on the board too.

                          Shiloh couldn't cover a statue and it seems Fox wants converted CB to be his safeties, he doesnt use "in-the-box" safeties in other words.

                          cant gripe too much about the rest.

                          not a bad job.


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                            Yeah ayers CAN play any lb spot but projects best and would be used best as an slb especially on our team. Idk much about shiloh but u could reach for byron maxwell who will make a great converted FS imo and start my boy bruton at SS


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                              And I don't think it matters whether fox uses in the box safetys I'm sure he's gonna give allen a chance to be creative and do what he wants for the most part with our defense