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Dontay Moch, Ryan Coulson work out for Broncos

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    Originally posted by CinnaMunMun View Post
    I would love Moch in the 3rd. He probably wouldn't be able to contribute much at first, but we could use him on ST and on 3rd downs.
    Moch would be scary as a gunner.
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      Originally posted by Touch_30_Down View Post
      People seem to think Moch had no success in college which is wrong. He isn't the most polished player out there but he produced in college. That being said he had some like 20 TFLs in both of the past two seasons which is impressive even in the WAC.

      He isn't going to be the pass rusher that a lot of people hope but...I think when you let him play aggressive against the run and blitz once in a while.
      It may sound odd but he is a very good blitzer but not a great pass rusher.

      For the most part when it comes to Moch either you are picking him because you are super impressed by his athleticism or you just declare him to be another "combine warrior". He'll surprise some folks because he can play football pretty well.
      He's definitely a better blitzer than a pass rusher, he used his speed to get his sacks/TFLs in college, in the NFL that won't always work and since he struggles to get off blocks he won't have much success at DE until he learns a few pass rushing moves. At LB he'd be able to utilize his speed to get to the QB and more often than not a FB or RB will be picking him up and he can probably get off of them. He's a project with a ton of potential, just needs to be polished up.


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        Originally posted by Al Wilson 4 Mayor View Post
        Moch would be scary as a gunner.
        I know I would cry seeing him coming at me, if I had time to cry