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Pick 46 (2B) & Kyle Rudolph

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    Originally posted by Ahrum View Post
    Not sure how you're 100% sure of this, especially since we only have 4 DTs on the roster, none of which are worth starting.
    Call it a hunch :-)
    I think he will start vickerson and dareus, and then rotate a guy like thomas or a FA


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      Originally posted by trenchwar08 View Post
      I appreciate your appreciation of the need for O-Line stock-pile.
      Are you being sarcastic? Cant tell...

      We have NO ONE at Tebows blind side if Harris leaves or breaks again. Get used to the idea of an OT in the 2nd. Its gonna happen.


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        Originally posted by omahaBroncoFan View Post
        Although Fox may not be known for going after the highly valued TEs, there's two things to keep in mind

        1) In Fox's history at Carolina, did he ever have a TE roster as poor as the one we have right now?
        2) There's often nothing more helpful to a young QB then a good TE

        Although I think we can assume Fox isn't the type of person to normally pursue TEs aggressively, this is really quite a different scenario.

        Particulary #2, our offense last year was often just plain stale, a TE is often that spark lighter so regardless of Orton or Tebow a TE could be a big help to this team. And having said that I say yes to Rudolph at 46, but i really don't consider him a steal at that point, I say fair value and i only say yes because our TE need is so great but it would definitely need to be being weighed against the defensive players available.
        Last year Carolina had worse TEs than us imo. Gronkowski and Quinn are both better blockers and I think Gronkowski is on par with Rosario in the receiving game, not that that is saying much because Rosario isn't that good. I think Quinn will show that he can be a viable dump off option given the chance this season.


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          I thought the TE may be addressed during the FA signing period. Since there may not be a FA signing period the team may draft a tight end.

          Rudolph could be an option in Round 2.

          I would rather the team go heavy on defense in the first 3 rounds and maybe try to get a tight end in the later rounds.


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            aint gonna lie..yes most times when i post im lit................

            but i do watch dame football and rudolph is better than 50% of the starting te's right now in the nfl...starters.

            hes probably better than 75% of em in terms of pass catching.

            the guy moves the chains.............

            sooooo hey foxy you remember when you had wesley walls right?......... this guy is 10 times better. you can take that to the bank..........
            YAAAA!!! YOU TRIED BABY!!!


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              ok ok maybe the 50 and 75 is a little high but check this out.......

              zona- stephen spach..who?
              falcons- tony g...ya weve seen him..close to retired.
              pathers- donte rosario..again who?
              baars- greg olsen...good need to use him more
              boys-witten pass catching machine
              lions- pettigrew... solid
              g-bay-finley well see if the injury doesnt hamper
              sota- shiancoe gold 2 years ago with favre... junk with favre and company
              aints- graham...super sleeper fantasy but well see
              nyg- boss......haha i think they will throw it to nicks
              eagletes- celek bad start good finish
              flying rats-chris backer??? hmm ok
              frisco-veron davis...till they get a qb dont matter whos out there.
              greatest show on turf- daniel fells? must be good
              t-bay- winslow.....hes a soldier ya know

              balt-heap...can be a steamin heap
              bills-nelson....come on
              cincy-gresham this is enterprize calling
              brownies-watson he did run down champ
              broncs-? quinn/gronkowski?...rudolph fits better
     lewis..great season...wont happen again
              chefs-moeaki wont see much if they just throw it to bowe
              fins-fasano/nd best season wont happen again
              cheatriots-gronkowski no moss = better redzone for others
              yets-keller good bad good bad. sanchez better find out
              faders- zach....could be great but guess what well throw it to mcfadden
              pitt- miller...are you still in the league?
              bolts- gates.....nuff said...........
              titans- bo scaife....really?

              if ya missed the broncos 1 2 dudes that i havent seen JACK from vs dude that ive seen JACK from....

              id take dude who ive seen jack from over the scrubs.

              easy 25 50 better than and better pass catching te in the league as a rookie.........if you can call him that
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              YAAAA!!! YOU TRIED BABY!!!


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                A pass catchig, bug blocking tight end is going to be crucial to Tebow, both protecting during pass plays, and a dump off valve. Tebow used Aaron Hernandez in a variety of ways in FLA, including dump off valves.

                So I see this pick as addressing two issues: 1 - we lack an impact TE, 2 - we need a TE who can block because we need help on the O Line.
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                  Originally posted by jgod654 View Post
                  Are you being sarcastic? Cant tell...

                  We have NO ONE at Tebows blind side if Harris leaves or breaks again. Get used to the idea of an OT in the 2nd. Its gonna happen.
                  Absolutely serious. O-Line seems to be neglected by most of the posters on this site. I rate O-Line need as second to D-Line need. I'd love to see us get a quality guy at each position - DT and OT.


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                    I don't see Rudolph making it to pick 46. In fact, I think Atlanta takes him in round 1.

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                      I would be excited if Rudolph was in the second , but i got a feeling hes going to be taken in the last 1st.

                      Personally I would like Dareus , Rudolph 2A and , Paea 2B.

                      There also seems to be some buzz about Von Miller going #2 wich seems unlikely IMO.
                      Now go get your shine box


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                        It is interesting to see that after about 50 votes, it's almost 3:1 in favor of taking Rudolph, which means to me that the vast majority of Broncos fans recognize the significance of that gap.

                        (insert joke here regarding the 12 other gaps)
                        Hate List for 2016-2017 Season: 1. Oakland, 2. New England, 3. Kansas City, 4. Pittsburgh and 5. Houston (yes, Houston....)