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This was well done.

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    Originally posted by BroncosTX77 View Post
    Going to the Bleacher report for your Football News is the equivalent to reading the Comic Section of the newspaper for your Current Event News.....
    Amen. I've yet to see any creditable articles (read: blog entry) from BR.

    Originally posted by CTM View Post
    Again, I doubt its possible for us to trade down this year so I don't like it when people put that in as a viable option. However, since you did, at least follow your own parameters. You said we gained picks 45 and 76 from moving back to 7.

    Where is pick 76?
    Originally posted by JaysusCutler View Post
    Any mock having us trade down is automatically impossibly unrealistic.
    Absolutely agree with you guys. Trading down just isn't a realistic option. It doesn't happen unless you get a draft with 2 major QBs... and even then, trades rarely happen.