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  • Hmmmm....interesting mean that there is a possibility that the front office might know what they are doing moreso than all of the armchair mockers losing their minds on the board right now??

    I don't know.....I think we should hand the drafting responsibilities off to the fifteen year old.....madden playing......fantasy football playing geniuses on the boards......:thumb:

    I guess what I am trying to say is.....good for you, trust the front office, they know what they are doing!!


    • Originally posted by Atwnbroncfan View Post
      Your banking that all these guys work out.
      That's all that anyone who says anything about any part of the draft can do. It's all speculation.


      • ^^ omg...see if team doctors didn't completely say this guy will have NO lasting effects from the crash then great, but i have a bit of a hard time believing that can someone plz clear this up for me


        • Rotoworld said we reached, and he is like Reggie Nelson... Ouch


          • I am with those that seem confused by the picks with some glaring needs that most presumed would be filled in the draft. But, it makes me think they have a line on some free agents and trades.

            I am sure there is a very well thought out plan in place, but I never saw these picks coming.


            • Pretty obvious Broncos brass think highly of.......

              Vickerson and Marcus Thomas. I thought Vickerson played outstanding minus his temper akd Thomas did well also. These guys are better 4-3 personal anyway. I love the Irving pick.


              • Scold these negative nancies Gruden.


                • Originally posted by #24 Next Champ View Post
                  Pick Martez Wilson!! Omg stupidddd who the hell is Nate Irving!! 21.5 tackles for loss is nice but what the hell? Ughh now I'm startin to not like this draft...Fox is full of crap...if you go LB HOW DO YOU NOT GRAB WILSON!! If not Wilson DT...
                  n i say fox is full of crap because first he says "this draft is FILLED with great DL talent" yet he drafts none.... they aren't going to be great in the 7th round MORON!!
                  So 21.5 tackles is not impressive because the guy's name is Nate and not Martez? If Martez Wilson ran a 4.75 - 4.80 40 not many would be talking about him as much. I haven't seen much of Nate Irving but 21.5 TFL is pretty impressive! A 4-3 Mike HAS to have great instincts and one thing i didn't like about Martez Wilson's scouting reports + videos I've seen is that he lacks that characteristic. Let's give the man a chance to prove himself before we bury him.
                  2011 Broncos Mock Draft

                  * Trade pick #46 for a 2nd & a 3rd round pick

                  1. (DT) Marcell Dareus - Alabama
                  2. (DT) Stephen Paea - Oregon State
                  2. (RB) Demarco Murray - Oklahoma
                  3. (LB) Kelvin Sheppard - LSU
                  3. (OT) Joseph Barksdale - LSU
                  6. (TE) Julius Thomas - Portland State
                  6. (SS) Eric Hagg - Nebraska
                  7. (DE) Greg Romeus - Pittsburgh


                  • I love the pick!

                    With their first two picks, the Broncos got the best LB in the draft and the best S in the draft. Both should be starters from the git go...


                    • Nate Irving has been waiting for this day since he was a little kid. The standout NC State linebacker is only hours away from the NFL draft, and now all he can do is wait and see when and where he will go. Wolfpack fans have idolized Irving for years now, but more than just the people in Raleigh have their eye on him now. Last season the All-ACC standout gave the nation a reason to remember his sophomore season, after sitting out the entirety of his junior campaign due to a tragic car accident. As a senior Irving led the nation's college linebackers with 21.5 tackles for loss, led NC State with 7 sacks, and accumulated 92 tackles. Since the end of the season, Nate has added 10 pounds to his athletic frame, weighing in at 242 pounds. He also ran a 4.65 40-yard dash and also posted 27 repetitions of 225-pounds on the bench press.

                      At NC State's Pro Day the Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Baltimore Ravens came to Raleigh to watch Irving. Most of the analysts are rating Irving as an inside linebacker, and is a consensus Top-10 player at the position. Here is a breakdown of where many analysts are projecting Irving's draft position:

                      ■Mel Kiper picks him to go mid-to-late on Day 3 (Rounds 4-7)
                      ■ picked him to be drafted in the 4th round (6th ILB)
                      ■ picked him to be drafted in the 5th round (7th ILB)
                      ■ picked him to be drafted in the 3rd or 4th round (6th ILB)
                      In what seems to be shocking to a lot of analysts, Bill Parcells did an in depth breakdown of the draft by each position, and ranked Nate Irving as the #1 ranked inside linebacker and picked him to go in the first round. It seems like Parcells must have seen the same thing from Nate Irving that the rest of the Wolfpack Nation has believed for the past couple of years.


                      • BPA? I'm pretty sure Franklin was not the BPA, but Irving I feel like was a steal and Moore is a bad bad man.

                        Champ Bailey in 2005
                        30 times thrown at, 10 interceptions, 10 receptions, 10 incompletions


                        • Bill Parcells ranked Nate Irving as a 1st rounder.


                          The Broncos select N.C. State LB Nate Irving with No. 67 pick. Bill Parcells thought he was a 1st rounder.
                          I saw this guy a ton this past season, and the guy is a flat our monster... He was my #1 ranked MLB in this draft in fact. The guy is the definition of the world 'relentless', and he will remind you guys a lot of Al Wilson...

                          Amazing Draft IMO... Were finally a team that drafts the best player on their board, regardless of what they need the most.

                          - Von Miller ( # 1 rated LB in draft )

                          - Rahim Moore ( #1 FS in draft )

                          - Orlando Franklin ( Top 5 RT prospect )

                          - Nate Irving ( Top 3 MLB in draft )


                          • I think I am feeling better. Just the thought of them not addressing DTs is what bothers me.

                            I think they do have very good players.

                            I do think they are all very good, and that is good enough for me.

                            My jaws are slacking now a little.


                            • In 2010 as his first year as a MLB his stats were just INSANE...

                              92 tackles, 21.5 for loss, 7 sacks... Wow...


                              • Im not mad at all, I think we have done pretty well actually. I was never on board with Dt @2 so I was thrilled yesterday. Today we got a couple more starters.