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  • Thanks for your thoughts bornnraisedno!

    The Saints are the #2 team in our house. I don't have a problem cheering for them being in another division and conference. My wife is from Lafayette (even went to school with Stokely), so I get to cheer on the Saints quite a bit.

    If I can give back some praise to the Saints, I loved their first round. Getting Jordan and Ingram in the first was great. And the Saints didn't have to give up the farm (read: Julio Jones type picks) to get them.

    If you can, try and catch a few more Bronco games this year - you'll probably find them your #2 team. (Maybe you're #1 soon )

    I got it real lucky. I get to be in the Rocky Mountains, watch Bronco football, and eat the best Cajun cuisine - all at the same time.

    Good luck, Who Dat, and Geaux Broncos!


    • There is going to be a weekly segment on the news about Mohamed as he prepares during the lockout.

      It's called from "From Brawley to the Broncos"

      Ill post them if they show up on Youtube.
      Now go get your shine box


      • Interesting to look back now...

        It's clear Fox had a large say in the draft, considering him following his trend with picking LBs and DBs and his picking of a run block monster Franklin.

        Then we see Elway's influence in the TEs selected. He knows as well as anyone a TE to dump the ball off to is a young qb's best friend.


        • Originally posted by Buenacolt11 View Post
          Don't know if this has been done yet but I was looking the other day so I thought I would post...

          Panthers under Fox…74 draft picks in his tenure there. Offense and defense are almost plit down the middle but when you break down positionally I think some numbers stick out…
          Defense 34 45.95%
          DT 3 4.05%
          DB 15 20.27%
          LB 10 13.51%
          DE 6 8.11%

          Offense 40 54.05%
          QB 4 5.41%
          RB 8 10.81%
          T 6 8.11%
          G 6 8.11%
          WR 8 10.81%
          C 2 2.70%
          TE 6 8.11%
          Interesting info, but I don't think we can take it as gospel that is how Fox likes to draft. He didn't hold GM responsibilities there, nor does he here with us. Certainly he has a big input though.