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  • Originally posted by Charlie Brown View Post
    Offensive tackle? Or do you think a fifth round pick is more than adequate to have as a starter? Me? Heck no. Offensive guard? There's another need. Defensive end is another. Linebackers of course and lastly another DB to replace an old player in Brown.

    Heck, maybe even a quarterback depending on how McCoy turns out. All of those are more important and immediate needs than WR.
    Frankly I have the Browns picking in the top 15 next year and probably in the top 10, where I don't think a guard is good value at all. Thomas is still a great LT, so a RT there might be a reach and really the tackles that will probably be there don't really impress me too much when it comes to run blocking so far (Khalil/Potter/Martin). DB would be a good choice but it depends on who comes out and how they would fit the Browns. I think DE would be ideal but aside from Coples I really don't like this DE class, so I think you'd reach there. Which brings me back to my original point...the value you might get at receiver could really outweigh reaching to fill a need. Drafting a receiver isn't nearly as bad as you make it out to be, and yes they could very well use a QB but this is under the assumption that Colt is good which I think he will be. Having a bunch of weapons in the WCO is ALWAYS a good thing, and can create for a really dynamic and explosive offense that is hard to stop.


    • 1)We wont be picking high enough to have a shot at Luck.
      2)Tebow...enough said
      3)When we pick next year in round 1 and round 2,It will be a DT or RB thats getting picked.


      • Maybe the Broncos picks a running back but I'm not too sure they will. I mean Elway has first hand seen that you can really get very good backs late in the draft, and he is going to have a pretty big say in the matter. Xanders has also seen that a expending a high pick on a running back is difficult because back has to be that much better than other running backs to be worth that pick. So Fox may want a back but I'm not sure if the rest of EFX will be too ecstatic. Right now if you want me to bet I'd say a DT or a CB would be the pick.


        • You have the Redskins drafting a QB in the first and second rounds.
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          You damn right!

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          • just a few things i would like to note, you have alot of DT to low, i don't think Knile is worth a second he is more a middle first rounder. and watch foster sky rocket this year to a high first round with the desried size/speed ratio at 6'3 314 and 4.9s speed
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            • I will not sit and nit pick at your first two rounds even though i feel some guys values are off but..... i dont feel we will use a first round pick on a running back.Pretty sure no matter what we are going with Jerrel Worthy,also would like to aim for Alameda Ta'amu in round two.That guy is a beast at Nose Tackle.But thats of course if we go after Deangelo Williams and Le'ron Mcclain.