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  • All UDFA Team: Defense

    A continuation of my All UDFA team, this time the focus is on defense. Again, feel free to make your own or criticize and add your own ideas to mine. I will bold the players that I want us to target.

    FS: Deunta Williams FS 6'2" 205 North Carolina
    Runner up: Will Hill, FS, 6'1", 202, Florida

    FS Summary: I like both of these prospects, and I am surprised they didnt get drafted but I think they would be good fits on other teams because I like the two safeties we already drafted.

    SS: DeAndre McDaniel SS 6'0", 210, Clemson
    Runner up: Joe Lefeged SS 6'0" 210 Rutgers

    SS Summary: Like the FS position, I like both of these players and Im surprised they didnt get their names called, but we are good at the two safety positions and other teams need these players

    CB: Kendric Burney DB 5'9" 186 North Carolina
    Talmadge Jackson III, 5'9", 186, Oregon
    All Pac-10 First Team at DB. Played opposite of Cliff Harris, so he has seen his fair share of action and he excelled when put on the spot. 8 career INTs, 150 Tackles, and 14 Pass break ups in a career in which his didnt start until his senior year. I think he is a gem and which ever teams lands him gets a great nickel player.
    Runner-Up: Darrin Walls, 6'0", 191 Notre Dame

    CB Summary: Its never a bad thing to have too many corners. And UDFA corners have an advantage because they are investment worth taking if they work out, then you found a diamond in the rough, if you didn't, then you can always try again.

    OLB: Mark Herzlich OLB, 6'4", 244, Boston College
    Another name that has been talked a lot about lately and for good reason. Looking at him from just a football standpoint, its hard to see how this guy didnt get drafted. He is a player, plain and simple. 314 career tackles, 11 INTs, and 3 sacks. Get him on a team, any team, but hopefully ours.

    MLB: Nick Bellore LB 6'1" 245 Central Michigan

    OLB: Michael Morgan LB 6'3" 226, USC

    Runner Up: Josh Bynes, Alex Wujiack

    LB Summary: If I could replace Morgan with Bynes I would, but Bynes is a MLB. I want Herzlich, Bellore might be a good one too.

    DE: Mark Schiel DE 6'2" 252, Colorado College of Mines
    Give him a shot. He blew away the D-II competition with 46 career sacks and 70.5 tackles for loss. He is very strong too, I think he is a risk worth taking.

    DT: Ian Williams DL 6'1" 319 Notre Dame
    Run Stuffer. He was a projected 4-5 round pick and fell cus of an injury. But at his pro day he showed he was healthy. We need a DT, and he is the top one.

    DT: Martin Parker DL 6'2" 303 Richmond
    Over looked while recruited and overlooked during the draft. He is a small school beast. 288 tackles in 4 years at the DT position, 96 his senior year. 46 Career tackles for loss and 19 career sacks. I think he is another gem and deserves a chance to make the roster.

    DE: Brandon Bair DE 6'6" 276 Oregon

    Runner Ups: Cedric Thornton DL 6'3" 309 Southern Arkansas
    Adrian Taylor DL 6'3" 311 Oklahoma

    Defensive Line Summary: Biggest area of need and I feel like one of these players can help us next year or develop into a good role eventually. In order of want it would go, Williams, Parker, Schiel, Taylor, Thornton, Bair.

    Top Defensive Priorities:
    1. Ian Williams DL 6'1" 319 Notre Dame
    2. Martin Parker DL 6'2" 303 Richmond
    3. Mark Herzlich OLB, 6'4", 244, Boston College
    4. Talmadge Jackson III, 5'9", 186, Oregon
    5. Mark Schiel DE 6'2" 252, Colorado College of Mines
    Adopt-A-Bronco 2011. Kevin Vickerson

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    Morgan is a Seachicken, I think.


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      I want:

      FB-Henry Hynoski
      RB-Derrick Locke
      DT-Mike Blanc
      DT-Ian WIlliams
      CB-Kenrick Burney


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        How many people last year on here argued with me that McDaniel would be a 2nd rounder saying "he only beat up his gf a few years ago" "yes he sent her to the hospital but that was a while back"

        Lefeged is a punishing SS something the league has moved away from sadly If we had roster space ild like him on ST maybe

        CBeunta Williams seems like another cover safety too me. Devon Torrence is not a bad cover 2 corner

        LB: Mark Herzlich if he ever comes back to his pre-cemo dominance I dont want to be on the wrong side of him

        DL-Ian Williams and Cedric Thornton can be a run stuffing tandem if we cant get developed players
        2016 Draft:


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          Jamari Lattimore
          Mario Harvey/Orie Lemon

          Ian Williams/Martin Parker
          Ugo Chinasa
          Anthony Gray

          Ryan Jones/Kendric Burney
          Joe Lefeged/Deunta Williams
          Darrin Walls

          /= would like both but dont see it happening
          also the first name is the one i like most


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            Cedric Thorton dominated lower competetion and seem to be a good player
            oakland raders gm
            latavis murray trade bait


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              Pierre Allen DE Nebraska 6'4" 273

              Josh Gatlin CB North Dakota State 6'1" 196
              "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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                and Parker would all be great pick ups along with harvey and Gaitlyn
                oakland raders gm
                latavis murray trade bait


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                  I want:
                  Ian Williams
                  Mark Herzlich
                  Mark Schiel (since he's a Colorado native)
                  Brandon Bair
                  Derrick Locke
                  Pierre allen

                  2014 Pick'Em Challenge Champion
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                    Originally posted by BroncoFanBoy View Post
                    I want:
                    Ian Williams
                    Mark Herzlich
                    Mark Schiel (since he's a Colorado native)
                    Brandon Bair
                    Derrick Locke
                    Pierre allen
                    I want Mark Herzlich in a Bronco uniform he seems like a workout warrior like Tebow.If their is a diamond in the ruff out their it would be Mark.


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                      Originally posted by SoundsOfSuccess View Post
                      Morgan is a Seachicken, I think.
                      I hope we grab him. He seems like a prototypical John Fox strongside linebacker. Very similar physically to James Anderson.


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                        Martin Parker may not be Kendrick Ellis yet he is a hard worker and he has a great body type and incredible athleticism (4.92 at 303 1.71 10 yard dash 4.57 Shuttle and 7.56 3 cone). I think he has potential and I wouldnt mind him on the practice squad as a developmental DT if not on the team especially since most of his problems are mental. That and his endurance is almost as bad as Jenkins

                        Parker was a star at the FCS level and he has the athleticism to contribute in a defensive line rotation at the next level. He is very light on his feet and has the lateral range to make tackles down the line of scrimmage. He also uses his hands very well to keep blockers at a distance and can quickly shed once he locates the ball. He plays too high and lacks the lower body strength to consistently be a road block in the running game and is not a natural pass rusher. Parker will likely get selected in the middle rounds.
                        Do not sleep on him he has high potential
                        2016 Draft:


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                          Mine is for a 43 defense, like Fox's.

                          FS- Deaunta Williams, UNC
                          SS- Zac Etheridge, Auburn
                          CB- James Dockery, OSU
                          CB- Talmadge Jackson, Oregon
                          SAM- Orlando Misaalefua, Western Kentucky
                          ILB- Jeff Tarpinian, Iowa
                          WILL- Michael Morgan, USC
                          DE- Mark Scheichl, Colorado College of the Mines
                          NT- Blaine Sumner, Colorado College of the Mines
                          UT- Ollie Ogbu, Penn St.
                          DE- Aaron Lavarias, Idaho


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                            Chad Spann

                            Are any of you guys familiar with him? I was only recently turned onto him, but I'm very impressed. He has nice vision, and runs very hard for a guy of his size. No issues with running between the tackles, and doesn't shy away from contact. I have a thing for these type of running backs. Two of my favorites in the draft were Dion Lewis and Kendall Hunter, who also fit this mold, although they're more talented than Spann. 5'8", 200 may seem small, but their height works to their advantage when they run between the tackles, because defenders easily lose sight of them. Chargers GM AJ Smith attended Spann's pro day so he's on the NFL radar, and will definitely get a camp invite somewhere. I'd be all for bringing him in, I think he could be a nice change of pace/third down back for us.

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                              I heard him mentioned on DC by a guy who does a lot of research on small school prospects. From my understanding, he's a powerful guy with a lot of burst who hasn't shown a great deal in terms of catching the ball or blocking. So that being said I think it would be great to give him a tryout but I'm not sure he's what we are looking for, because we might want a guy who can do those other things.