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    Rutgers cornerback Brandon Bing

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    Just hand us the Lombadi boys, this is putting us over the top


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      Cox's replacement I'm assuming? Honestly, I've never heard of this guy though.


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        Bye bye Cox


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          Extremely fast, but raw. Would likely have to stand out on special teams.


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            heres something about him
            Speed is the one trait — more than any other — that catches the attention of NFL scouts this time of year. Brandon Bing has plenty of it, too
            But even the former Rutgers cornerback knows that isn't enough, that the snappy stop-watch speed he displayed at the school's annual Pro Day today before the watchful eyes of 27 NFL scouts at the indoor practice facility, will only get his foot in the door.

            "You can be a track guy and be as fast as lightning and that may get you a look, but at the same time you have to be able to play football," said Bing. "At my position you have to be able to break, you have to get in and out of your breaks. You have to tackle. You have to be physical. Basically, you've got to be a football player. Speed alone will only take you so far."

            The 5-11 Bing, who has bulked up to 181 pounds (from 170 last fall), blazed a 4.33 and a 4.35 in his two tries at the 40 today. They were good efforts, but not his best. He was once timed by laser in 4.28 at Rutgers.

            "I think I did well. It wasn't up to my expectations because I always set my goals higher, but I did well," he said. "I ran what I ran. Even with the extra 10 or 11 pounds I thought I would be even faster. Everyone was telling me `good job.' But I know it could have been better."

            As seductive as Bing's speed has been to coaches at every level of football, it's also part of the tag he is trying to shed. Even though he ran track just 2 1/2 years in high school — last competing in a meet in 2007 -- he has generally been viewed as "a track guy." Part of it is because he won the Pennsylvania state 100-meter title in one of his track years.

            But part of it is also because he started a little more than a season-plus in his four college years.

            "I've always been a football player. I've been playing since I was 7," he said. "But I've been labeled a track guy for a while."

            He isn't sure how much impact so little starting experience in college will have on NFL talent evaluators, but he will be quick to point out to them that he backed up two current NFL corners in brothers Devin and Jason McCourty if they ask why.

            "I don't know yet if starting for barely more than a year will be an issue. We'll have to see," he said.

            Bing holds out the hope he will be drafted but understands that "I also have to be realistic."

            But that speed opens a lot of doors. Just off the Pro Day showing Bing earned invitations for private workouts for two NFL teams.


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              looks like te justin jones and fb patrick hill also broncos
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                NFL Draft Scout is owned and operated by The Sports Xchange (TSX) which has provided news, analysis and research for fans and professionals since 1987.

                My sister went to Rutgers, so I saw Bing play a bit and he's nothing special at corner. He's undersized, he plays with decent technique, he has good speed, and his ball skills are decent. My guess is that he might get a shot at being the KR/PR for our team, he is really fast, and he's also really agile. Might as well bring in guys to workout but frankly I don't see what he brings over a guy like Vaughn.
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                  Broncos to sign Michigan State WR Mark Dell


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                    Well, I really like faster corners so hopefully this guy can bring it and make the team...speed kills and obviously the NFL is not Madden, but speed is speed and it's great when you know you have guys that won't be outrun in your secondary and can hang with he fastest WR's in the game...

                    c'mon Bing, make our Broncos proud!


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                      Originally posted by Amari24 View Post
                      Cox's replacement I'm assuming? Honestly, I've never heard of this guy though.
                      Syd'quan is Cox's replacement. This guy can probably replace Nate Jones.
                      disclaimer: if the above post appears to contain outrageously illogical content, ITS PROBABLY SARCASM


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                        We aren't replacing Cox a 2nd round talent with a UDFA, that is just silly. Just because we are bringing a CB to camp that doesn't mean Cox is gone...


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                          So exciting to see us actually make real football moves and signings


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                            Originally posted by Touch_30_Down View Post
                            We aren't replacing Cox a 2nd round talent with a UDFA, that is just silly. Just because we are bringing a CB to camp that doesn't mean Cox is gone...
                            No...but unless he can Hoodini from his cell I don't think he'll be here
                            plus who knows what this guy can do...

                            but yeah, Syd'quan is our Nickel and Cox's replacement


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                              Interesting signing, good route runner with good hands, not great speed, some injury and off-the-field problems. We'll see where he ends up.

                              Mark Dell is an extremely reliable pass catcher that has a knack for getting open and the ability to make big plays after the catch because of his great lateral quickness.

                              Dell was a leader for this Spartans team in 2010 and took on a mentor-ship role for the entire wide receiver corps. While he isn’t a dynamic vertical threat, he finds ways to beat defenses deep with his smarts and savvy more than his straight line ability.

                              He has been in and out of the lineup some with a few injuries throughout his career and also has some red flags off the field, as he was arrested for his involvement in an on-campus fight in 2009 leading to his suspension from the Alamo Bowl that year.

                              He does a great job of high pointing the ball and he’s a natural hands catcher that can haul in the most difficult passes. He adjusts well to over the shoulder passes and also understands what it takes to contribute in the running game with physical blocking down field.

                              Dell has the consistent hands and understanding of defenses to be a solid underneath route runner from the slot position but he can also create after the catch which should make him an enticing player for teams.
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