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Seahawks turning attention to resigning Mebane...NO!!!!

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    Originally posted by the0rangecrush View Post
    Basically you're banking on dozens of paid proffesionals to be wrong about a player. Not saying it won't happen, but you're dealing with a lot of uncertanty. I'm tired of building a team with other teams cast offs, EFX had the perfect chance to start building from within and blew it.
    The Cardinals were absolutely wrong on Branch. This is the team that moved out of the 4-3 when Dockett was playing out of his mind as a UT and put him at the 5 tech. Stood a 34 year old Bertrand Berry up and put him at OLB and they drafted Alan Branch, a 4-3 UT maybe 4-3 NT in a pinch to play 3-4 NT. Branch isn't that type of player.

    I wouldn't call McKinney a cast off. The Ravens kept him on the roster for a reason last year, they could have easily cut him for a CB that they desperately needed or maybe something else. They already had Gregg at NT, Cody was backing him up, they also had Ngata who can play NT and then they kept him and Lamar Divens. That's 5 NTs right there. They also had Arthur Jones, Bryant Mattison, and Cory Redding. That's 8 players on a 3-4 team, 7 of which are all capable of playing NT. I'm saying they had a reason to keep him on the team (really all of those guys) and they actually started him 4 times last year over Cory Redding who they traded for. They recognize that this kid has a lot of potential


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      If the broncos don't get a good DT this will all be extremely disappointed. I didn't mind the broncos not drafting a DT in an extremely rich DT draft class because I thought they were going to make a big play for one of the good ones in FA but if they don't get any then we will have another year of a porous defense.


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        Ok EFX you Ned to listen and listen now you have not spent any money yet if you want to b a playoff caliber team you need to spend the damn money. Get mebane give him whatever he wants we only have two DT's right now in vickerson, and Thomas spend the money get a DT in here. Anchor that front of the line and I think our defense could be amazing for years to come.


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          heres some positive news

          Brandon Mebane - DL - Seahawks The Seahawks reportedly have competition from the Broncos and Saints for free agent DT Brandon Mebane.
          ESPN's John Clayton says the Broncos are "trying to get Mebane out of Seattle," so they appear to be the more aggressive of the two suitors. The Seahawks are fighting hard to keep Mebane. Related: Saints, BroncosSource: John Clayton on Twitter Jul 27, 2:51 PM
          YAAAA!!! YOU TRIED BABY!!!


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            Originally posted by subiman29 View Post
            Ok EFX you Ned to listen and listen now you have not spent any money yet to come.
            Whatever you do EFX, don't listen to this guy.