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devine cut already?

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    Originally posted by shawinkerpoppin
    That was 09' going into the 11' season he is coming off hip surgery and as I said before is gonna have to be the broncos second best option at receiver. Its not a good idea to have him returning punts and kicks all game where he will take extra hits.
    Yeah I said two years ago against the Chargers, that's not his rookie season... And again like I said, last year he had a KR TD stupidly called back. He's 100% back from his hip issue and has looked great in camp.

    I'm pretty sure Decker is going to take control of the 2nd WR spot, with Royal thrown in the slot and returning kicks like the coaches have already said he will do.

    And even outside all of that, Cassius Vaughn had a KR TD last year, and I'm sure he's sticking on the team. No reason to pick up Devine, especially since he couldn't contribute anywhere else.


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      Free agent RB Noel Devine reportedly "walked out" on the Eagles.
      Devine was waived on Saturday, but apparently "left the squad on his own." If true, it would raise an immediate red flag for any potential future suitors. The deck is already stacked against the under-sized (5-foot-8, 170 pounds) back, so it would be a shame if he gave teams another serious reason to overlook him.
      this doesnt look good if its true


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        Originally posted by Jack-o-Lantern
        He might be a good change of pace back. I wouldn't mind us signing him. However, he is small and Fannin might end up being our speed back anyway.
        Well Fannin at 52lbs heavier was faster then Devine at the the 40 but Devine has better endurance (which is not as big of an issue in the rotational role). If he did walk out that means Fannin has a better personality to. Plus Fannin is supposed to be a better receiver.

        However, I dont know if Ild want him to be a speed back because his style of play tends to be to run over players ild rather him gain weight and be a combo power-speed back. With a 4.37 40 and his frame he can handle a few lbs.

        Last year he had mental problems with holding onto the ball (Hence why he spent the time playing FB and impressed many scouts for his ability to block) which I hope changes because otherwise I am excited because this guy has talent he wont avoid hits like others (since his side step and direction changing isnt the best) which is an issue but he is a walter peyton like player who will force broken tackles and is deadly in the open field. He has a break away speed that is rare at 1.51 seconds he ran the 10.

        Most see his 230+ lbs. and think we have another Moreno, but this guy is more of a Walter Peyton Tolbert I will run you down and never stop fighting type.

        Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

        Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

        Still if we cant sign a good tandum back and White is healthy a 230+ speed demon can come in handy as a rotational back
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