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    A trade with who?


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      I think we're just trying to get as many guys in to compete as we can. Anderson is going to be competing for a 4th/5th WR spot. I firmly believe that DT should go on the IR this year which leaves us with 3 locks at WR.

      Maybe at LB we might be looking to trade DJ for a DT but I doubt it.


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        As i said before in another thread of yours the offseason is about loading up and having plenty of competition. It maybe true that 3 of the guys in each of those areas wont make it to training camp but with adding them we will at least know we are keeping the better players.

        In the end less then half those guys are worth keeping on any roster and trading them away would be foolish because then your forced to replace them with a player that shouldnt even be there. We are changing D's so we need to retool the LB-corps then possibly make trades and our WR-corps really doesnt have to many healthy guys on it that are worth even starting on most teams
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