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A couple moves I think would shore up our defense!

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    Eh I say no to all of it. Not that they're bad ideas, I just think we should stick with what we have. Keep some continuity for once, grow our defense with youngsters and stop flipping out players and DC's. Warren is getting old and would just get in the way of younger players getting more snaps.


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      I for one, do not think Goodman is done, and if he is we have some stud young DB's that I think would be up for the challenge. But I do want Warren! and D.J. has been a staple in this defense for some time and is solid to say the least, he's gotta be a lifer. I think at this point we have the perfect mix of young talent, and veteren leadership on both sides of the ball, I have a good feeling about how this team is going to come together these next few years.