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  • 2012 Mock Draft

    I'm bored and need a homework break so I'm gonna have a go at this.

    My ideal situation is selling the farm for Luck, but here's hoping Tebow plays decently and we don't need to get him.

    Sorry, but yeah, I'm gonna have a trade in here. Trade down from our very high 1st round pick for a 1st, 2nd, and 5th. Dunno who wants to jump up, maybe somebody gets a raging hard on for Blackmon (Like the Falcons did with JJ), but with the new rookie scale, teams will be willing to jump up, I say we cash in on it.

    1. OT Jonathan Martin - Stanford
    Second best OT behind Ryan Kalil. Has the responsibility of protecting Andrew Lucks blindside and paving the way for one of the NCAA's best ground games, and he does a great job at both. Maybe somebody things there's a better OT here, then fine take that one. We need to improve the trenches, draft Martin (or another OT), and put Franklin where he belongs at LG. This turns Beadles into a swingman, and our OL is looking dandy. With Walton surrounded by Franklin and Kuper I think his faults won't be as highly magnified.

    2. CB Janoris Jenkins - Northern Alabama
    Yeah, he made a stupid with the weed. He's still a good corner who played very well at Florida before being kicked off the team. He has fluid, smooth hips, is aggressive in his tackling, and is overall a physical player. We're getting old at the position and after cutting Perrish Cox loose we're desperate for some solid young talent at the position.
    *I'd be fine with trading both 2nd's to jump back into the 1st and drafting Morris Claiborne from LSU.

    2. RB Chris Polk - Washington
    A tough, physical runner with enough explosiveness to get to the outside and kill overly aggressive defenses. Should run in the 4.4's which is impressive at 220+ pounds. Has good not great hands, and is a willing, physical blocker. I've given up on the Knowshon experiment, keep him as a 3rd down/scat back, let Willis hang around for another season or so, but have Polk ready for the future.

    Just watch him run. I think he'd be great in Denver.

    3. DT Kawaan Short - Purdue
    Yes, we put off DT until the later rounds again, sorry. I don't buy in on the high DT talent as much as I do the guys I have selected thus far, and I'll take guys I think will be good over guys I hope will be good. Short has played pretty well for Purdue, but he's playing so well this year he probably won't be in the 3rd round. He already has 40 tackles and 3.5 sacks after getting 41 tackles and 6 sacks last year. Hopefully he slips a bit and stays down here, there are enough DT's I think are ahead of him that he might slip.

    4. DT/DE Alex Okafor - Texas
    Maybe a bit of a homer pick, but I watch Okafor quite a bit since I watch all the games, but he always seems to make timely, disruptive plays. He can play under tackle for us at 260, or be a big disruptive DE. I doubt he'll play either position full time, he's a great rotational guy that can be used all over the DL. Reminds me of a worse Lamarr Houston.

    5. WR Greg Childs - Arkansas (From B.Lloyd trade, he'll get 30 catches easy)
    Luckily he's having a crappy season so he'll still be here. I really like this guy, he reminds me a lot of Brandon Marshall, but not quite as big. He's really tough to bring down, isn't the best route runner and doesn't have great straight line speed, but he has solid hands and seems to actively look for contact and wants to make plays. Our offense is boring, we need guys that can make plays. Childs can act as a huge possession receiver to move the chains and make exciting plays after the catch.

    5. OC William Vlachos - Alabama
    How much do I know about him? Not much. What I do know however, is that he plays center really well for Alabama in the SEC. Nick Saban is a hell of a coach and Walton is playing really bad. I'll spend a low risk draft pick on him no problem.

    6. FB Cody Johnson - Texas
    Yup, another homer pick, but this makes perfect sense. At 5'11 252 Johnson is a load to bring down in the redzone, and absolutely kills people when he goes out to block. He has 1300 yards and 30 TD's on less than 300 carries. Let him block, let him run in the redzone, great 6th round pick.

    Anyways, let me know what you think.

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    2 TX guys

    You hoser. I mean homer.
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      Lulz, the Okafor is the only one you could consider a homer pick. Cody Johnson is a good one.


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        Not that bad Hoser, could live with that....


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          Not enuff Longhorns imo~

          No to Jenkins but if Tebow improves then yes I could see this go down.



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            Originally posted by BroncosTX77 View Post
            Not enuff Longhorns imo~

            No to Jenkins but if Tebow improves then yes I could see this go down.

            Yeah, if Tebow doesn't dramatically improve then we've gotta go QB in the first round.


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              Good draft, I just doubt Jenkins makes it to the 2nd round.
              Thanks, MHS!


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                Looks pretty good to me. I agree that OT is a huge need and would be ok with taking one in the first round.

                I watch a lot of Pac-12 FB being an AZ fan and Polk is a nice RB. I love his potential in the NFL and he looks like the kind of RB that would fit perfect in Fox' system.

                Johnson is the best FB in the draft, imo, and one of the reasons I voted no on signing a big name FB this past off season, I like that pick as well.


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                  We have two 2nd's?

                  Good job hoser!
                  Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!


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                    If you trade down to a lower first,

                    Martin will be gone. Love him as a pick though.

                    Bryan bulaga dropped from top 5 on draft day to 24?can't remember. But it was a fluke. Also there are too many young qbs that need extra protection to pass up on top tier talent when it is the safest position in the first round.


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                      Chris Polk is very very good. Im pretty excited for him to be gone from UW so my Cougs can have a chance.


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                        Moving Forward With Tebow (mock offseason)


                        Free Agency
                        Demetrius Bell- Good run blocking OT, Allows Franklin to slide inside forming a good run blocking O-Line
                        Jeremy Zuttah- OG with starting experience for cheap depth
                        Robert Meachem- Big bodied WR that is sliding down NO's depth chart, and thus might not get resigned and may be available for a low price



                        Round 1- Quinton Coples, UT, UNC, 6'6 285, 4.76 40 - Defense is 2-3 pieces away from being a very good unit. Penetrating 3 Tech is one of those pieces, and Coples gives us an elite one.

                        Round 2- Johnathan Banks, CB, Miss St, 6'2, 185, 4.52 40 - Physical corner that does well against the run. Fills the hole opposite Champ with Goodman gone

                        Round 3- David Wilson, RB, VT, 5'10, 205, 4.42 40 - McGahee is great but is on his last legs. Wilson gives our offense a new element with his break away speed.

                        Round 4- Mike Martin, NT, Michigan, 6'1, 304, 4.98 40 - Stout run defender that plays with great leverage. Nearly identical to Bunkley in both size and play style.

                        Round 5(a)- Julian Miller, DE, WVU, 6'3 268, 4.76 40 - Registered 9 sacks and 14 TFL last year as a DE, was moved to DT this year. Can never have enough pass rushers.

                        Round 5(b)- Chandler Harnish, QB, NIU, 6'2, 220, 4.78 40 - One of the problems with tailoring the offense to Tebow is that if he gets injured the gameplan is trash. Harnish fixes that problem. He is talented in both throwing and running the football, and could maintain the offense if Tebow gets hurt

                        P.S. I know i made a mock last week, but I now feel that if the offense is allowed to be tailored to Tebow's strength's he can be successful, and the team can be successful.
                        2012 Mock- Stickin W/ Tebow
                        1- Kawaan Short, DT, Purdue (trade to mid 20's)
                        2- Chase Minnifield, CB, UVA
                        2- Juron Criner, WR, Arizona(acquired in trade down)
                        3- Isaiah Pead, RB, Cincinnati
                        4- Julian Miller, DE, WVU
                        5- Vick Ballard, RB, Miss. St.
                        5-Chandler Harnish, QB, NIU

                        Address OLine depth in FA.


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                          to be honest, I'm not too big of the players drafted, besides David Wilson or Mike Martin. We can do SO much more with our fist pick than drafting an UT, IMO, and in the second I'd rather have Hosely, Minnifield, Dennard, Cliff Harris, or Janoris Jenkins
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                            Trent Richardson would be my first pick.Imo we can make the playoffs with another good RB with Tebow as our starting QB.


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                              I am starting to like the copies pick more and more IF its to replace doom. 4.7 is an explosive big edge rusher