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Why does everyone want to draft a qb Rd 1 or 2?

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  • And on the WR who can throw situation. We already have it.

    Eric Decker 2 sport athlete at Minnesota, baseball and football, did trick plays in college where he would get end arounds and them throw a deep pass.
    Denver Broncos GM
    Originally posted by Mosk
    Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale


    • 1) BPA, no trade ups, unless it's just a spot or 2 (Claiborne would be ideal if he fell)
      2) Montee Ball, if not there- defense.


      • Originally posted by THEdraftnik View Post
        Windows are tighter in the nfl though. I think he will be a good little QB. Maybe even a starter one day. But he isn't great right now.
        So. He hasn't shown to be a bad decision maker like you claim. The windows are tighter obviously but the guy has an arm and can run the ball extremely well. I think he will be a starter one day and I think that he will be a good one. I don't get the he isn't great right now. He is a great college QB and a good pro prospect.


        • Originally posted by johnlimburg View Post
          Chandler Harnish. He can sling it and he can run it. He is faster than Tebow and coming out I am prepared to say he throws better than Tebow. I would love him in th 5th. May jump up some though. He has that it factor like Tebow also. He is a great guy and is a leader. Very smart also.

          He also has experience at running the zone read and doing at a high level. He would be a very good backup.
          I'm sorry, but Chandler Harnish is NOT going to play in the NFL. He is a very over-rated MAC QB, period.

          The Broncos won't have a shot at Luck, Barkley, Jones or RG III, unless they sell the farm and trade up, which won't happen.

          The only question in my mind is if John Elway wants to make a statement, and take a QB in the first round (which would be a PR nightmare), especially if Denver wins the AFC West. In that case, it would almost have to be Ryan Tannehill, as after him, there is a bit of a dropoff.

          But I seriously doubt that, as Tannehill would clearly be in the crosshairs of the Tebow fans, and by simply being a first round pick, selecting a QB in the first would be a circus, and Elway knows it.

          Tannehill is not likely to be available to the Broncos in the second round, unless they manage to trade back, and he is there in the early second round, which still seems unlikely.

          Nick Foles could be a target in the second round, and would be the polar opposite of Tebow.

          Maybe Oklahoma States Brandon Weeden.

          After that, you are down to Kellen Moore (who would be MY choice), and perhaps a player like Wisconsin's Russell Wilson....and who else?

          Not Harnish, not Casey Keenum, and certainly not Kirk Cousins.

          If I am Elway, I trade down, add multiple picks in the second and third round, so I can add my QB (**cough, cough**Kellen Moore**cough,cough**), while still being able to add other pieces as well.
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