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    Originally posted by THEdraftnik View Post
    Doesnt have the intangibles.
    His arm is only good & he's not real mobile
    "Happiness is just an illusion, filled with sadness and confusion." Jimmy Ruffin


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      Originally posted by InsaneBlaze23 View Post
      My fault, 5-11.

      Denver will not beat the Jets, Dead Bolts, Vikings, Bears, Pats, or the Bills.

      KC being the only victory to finish out the season.

      The little run 50 times is not gonna work vs the Jets defense. Decker will not get open vs Revis, and any inaccurate pass will probably get picked.

      Rivers wants revenge, what better way to make a comeback in the defense by smacking the team you hate more than any other team in the NFL.

      Broncos will not stop AP, he will probably have a seasons best vs Denver.

      Bears, really don't have to say much other than, wont run on them or pass on them. Better hope the ST's can tackle, because Hester will run it, Cutler is doing better, or and then there is Forte.

      Patriots, well there defense is trash, but Brady is still Tom Brady. Champ can handle Welker, but nobody else will handle Gronk or Aaron, plus Chad is starting to remember how to catch.

      Bills can go either way, but the defense has to stop Jackson, good luck with that.

      Doesn't matter if anyone agrees or not, just my opinion on the rest of the season.

      Denver's defense is still poor vs the run, and the secondary still isn't good outside 2 players.
      I wasn't aware that the Jets and the Broncos had already played this year? Denver can beat the Jets. I am in no way declaring a Victory like this guy is for the Jets but let's be real the "Sanchize" is struggling with our pass rush and Tomlinson being a little banged up shot sure if he will be ready to go come Thursday I would not count Tebow and the Broncos out of this game until the clock says 0:00.
      If Denver can do what they have been doing effectivley in Mile high against the Jets, It will be a close game IMO.


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        One more thing Denver can easily beat the soft Bolts also. The Chargers haven't been playing good football for a few weeks and if that continues Denver can beat then as well.


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          Originally posted by EddieMac View Post
          Who is available at pick 32?

          Well I thought it was funny