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    Fox has never had linebackers as good as ours as healthy as ours. And when he did have good linebackers he didn't draft 1st round backups. He drafted guys in the 3rd round. If you are going to make the case that we draft a linebacker, which we shouldn't, use more than Fox loves linebackers. Because Fox also loved veteran quarterbacks, meat and potatoes run/run/pass offense, and converted corners to safety. And I will use this season as an example of when that changed.

    No tight end in the league will ever put up Gronkowski type touchdown numbers. The man is a machine and he has Tom Brady targeting him 15+ times a game. We have Tebow and an offense that runs atleast 60% of the time. Where did you come up with that conclusion. Now on to Fleener, good tight end no doubt. Has no speed though. At best he could be what Tony Gonzalez is now, and to me that isn't too inspiring especially considering that we have Daniel Fells (who has been great), Daunte Rosario (our best pure receiving guy), Virgil Green (who has shown tons of promise), and Julius Thomas (who actually has Gates potential and you can't discount the fact that we have Gates' coach who taught him how to play). TE in the second round is not high priority or good value, especially for a guy who doesn't have great athleticism.

    LaMichael James I love, but I question if he will last this long. Perfect fit for our offense. Oh and here is something I saw another poster say in a different thread;
    LaMichael James is one dimensional
    Well here's my argument for that.... that one dimension he offers; is the one dimension this offense truly lacks.

    Alex Okafor is a good pickup, especially if we don't resign Hunter. But a weak side end would be a better fit if Hunter is retained.

    Trumaine Johnson. Kid is going to be a steal if he can keep his head straight. 6'2 200 pounds runs a 4.5 forty and a good cover man with ball skills. Yes please. Of Goody keeps up his great play I will agree on priority.

    I don't really think James is anything special, but for a seventh round pick you could definitely do worse.

    Overall: I would be pulling out my hair if we started the first 2 rounds like this... and that's an impressive feat considering I have short hair. But the rest of the mock was pretty good. Now if we could sign a guy like Jason Jones from the titans in free agency then this wouldn't be a bad scenario considering our free agents.
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    Originally posted by Mosk
    Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale


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      Originally posted by Kyousukeneko View Post
      yeah getting stills, cox or a guy like wolfe would be perfect to push vick, i think vick stays on the roster and will definitely have to add a UT, and it is worth going for one of those guy high. wolfe is really the only one i can see being a successful UT outside round 2.

      Thompson(he doesn't deserve it but he will be gone by the end of round two)

      Unless i am over thinking it, but i mean the only other ones i could see who would work are unlikely to come out.
      My dream scenario is Fletcher Cox. With John Fox's motivation the guy would be a superstar penetrator in the NFL.
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      Originally posted by Mosk
      Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale


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        Originally posted by THEdraftnik View Post
        No doubt McBean has stepped up his play but he hasn't been playing good. He is getting coverage sacks and everybody else we have is doing just as good as him against the run or better.
        That is true. As I said when everyone said he was amazing. They are coverage sacks but he has been pretty good. He is a good rotation guy. He is not a starter. Mcbean has better than Vickerson this year than Vickerson has ever been for us.

        Our defensive tackles jobs arent to make plays. Their jobs are take up double teams and he was good at that.
        This is a 4-3 one gap system. Not a 3-4. In a 3-4 where the Dline man have a two gap responsibility. There job is to make a play in their hole. And Vickerson is nothing special at either.

        Short and Chapman are both nose tackles... The only one you could make a case for being an under is Short and that doesn't play to his threngths IMO. But I will be honest, I havent seen Short much this year.
        Yes they are nose tackles. Especially Chapman. He offers little as a pass rusher. However I will take a potential filled run plugger like Chapman.

        Bunkley, McBean, Ty Warren, and Marcus Thomas all can or do play nose tackle. I don't even expect Warren to make the roster either. But that's still 3 guys who are better suited as 1 techs, and no true 3 tech.
        I agree with that. I do not think Warren will make the roster either. I think all 3 others will be resigned. I want a penetrator but they are not easy to find.

        Decker was also breathing down Gaff's back. We don't have anybody behind Vick who is pushing him as of right now and drafting another nose tackle won't change that.
        Vickerson is the 4th guy in the rotation right now if he is playing. Allen has shown he is not scared to bench a guy if he isn't playing good enough. Vickerson was getting beat when he played. I do not care aboiut pushing a guy who has been in the league for years. If we get another nose tackle great. Improve our run defense. I would love to get a penetrator but it is not like they come in and contribute immediatly.


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          He lost me at "Goodman - cut."

          The guy is #1 DB on 17-20 other teams in the league.

          Dawk might retire, but if he does, I'm betting Champ moves to Saftey. He's already said that's what he wants to do to prolong his career. Carter has played well, but Moore wasn't all that impressive when he was out there.


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            Originally posted by theMill_ View Post
            if we go line backer why not burfict to play mike
            Burflict is all hype from the game I saw. He did nothing when ASU played WSU. He didnt step up and make a play when his defense needed him to. He didnt show any leadership skills trying to get his teammates to play better. He had a stupid penalty that cost him team yards.

            No thanks to Burflict.


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              Not a bad draft but I think Brown and Fleener are reaches. Especially if we pick as high as 18.

              L James is one of the players I would love to draft but I think someone takes him in the 2nd.


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                One of the worst mocks I've seen


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                  Originally posted by SoundsOfSuccess View Post
                  Now that college regular season games are over, I've decided to piece together some thoughts into a mock draft. Questions/criticisms are welcome.

                  Note- atm, I believe Denver is looking at the 18th pick in the draft, but I may be wrong. It should not matter, really.

                  1. Zach Brown, UNC, WLB.
                  John Fox loves his backers, Woodyard may be tough to get back, and DJ does not have much longer around. Brown is a very impressive athlete, also being a track runner, another quality Fox has tended to look for, see Beason, Davis, and Miller. Brown is one of the best players available at this pick and is the best player at a logical position for the Broncos to draft. As Denver's pass rush seems to be one of the best already, they can focus on balancing the defense and making its rush defense one of the best around, and Brown has played a large part in the Tar Heels opponents' 3.1 yards per carry.

                  2. Coby Fleener, Stanford, TE.
                  Yes, a TE in the second round. Have no fear Broncos fans, he is no Robert Quinn. Fleener would potentially have the versatility to be deadly in the Broncos new offense. Line him up in the slot in a 4 WR set and you can send him for a route or have him block for a jet sweep or read option. Put him in a stance on the line and you can have him run block like a lineman, go for a screen, and be a dump off and red zone weapon. At 6'6", he should put up Gronkowski like TD numbers. High impact as a rookie.

                  3. LaMichael James, Oregon, RB.
                  Ranked as the 84th best player in the draft by CBS, who better to have at runningback than the most dominant spread back in college football? Like Fleener, this West Coast stud has versatility written all over him. Screens, draws, read options, triple options, he can do it all. At 5'9", good luck for the defnese to pick up who has the ball when he's in the game.

                  4. Alex Okafor, Texas, DE.
                  Okafor singlehandedly won the Texas vs. A&M game for his team, IMO. He constantly beat A&M's right tackle, all game. Literally, every play, he made the RT look like Orlando Franklin in the Lions game. At 260 pounds, he is a traditional defensive end, and playing time would depend on fatigue of other players and package of defense. Not neccesarily an instant contributor, like James and Fleener, but a player that one day gives Phillip Rivers even more hell...

                  5. Trumaine Johnson, Montana, CB.
                  Unlike others, I don't feel like cornerback is as big a need. With Chris Harris and Cassius Vaughn more deserving of a shot to step in, a corner is not a top priority for Denver, IMO. The reason Trumaine stands out to me is because he has the physicality to play in a heavy-blitz system, is a good tackler, has dominated thus far in his career, and he's a tough kid. He played through a broken bone in his forearm for an entire season. Two major reasons he's not a higher pick-- he's had more than a couple injuries over his career and had an incident involving some boneheaded decisions.

                  7. James Rodgers, Oregon State, WR.
                  At 5'7", and running a 4.48, he's an intriguing slot receiver prospect. It's questionable if Royal will be back, and Rodgers gives an interesting ability for a late round pick to have instant effect on the offense. Also a great scout team player for guys like Percy Harvin or DeSean Jackson.
                  I really like how much thought you put into this!

                  BUT a couple things. I don't feel like Linebacker is correct R.1.

                  The D-Line will probably be numero uno barring something happening in regards to Tim in which case I expect a QB R1. Possibly Still from PENN?

                  TE in R2 doesn't really make sense here. We drafted our two TE's of the future in Julius Thomas who I hear had a hell of a camp, and Virgil Green. Even if Green doesn't work out I have been very impressed with Fells.
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