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  • No thanks on RG3. I havent given up on Tebow. He looked bad against the Pats, but so did everyone else besides Champ. Give him next year, have him run a normal offense and see if he can do it. If not, the 2013 QB class is loaded, and we wont have to trade up. Our coaching staff needs to help Tim on his footwork and reading defenses so we can see if he can run a normal offense and we can get rid of this option crap that doesnt work.

    I'm always hesitant on QB's like RG3, guys who run but dont have a huge frame. Tebow and Newton can run because they are huge, Vick and RG3 really arent, and Vick cant stay healthy. Trading up for RG3 is risky, especially since Tebow might still be our Franchise QB.


    • If he falls to 26 fine but quit dreaming


      • The cost will be too high. The only teams with the scratch to get that done are the ones with a pick soon after the #2. Otherwise, you can never make up the value.


        • Quite frankly, bringing Tebow in to 2012 as the starter is a win-win for EFX. If he sucks, they will be granted amnesty because they gave the almighty Tebow a full offseason+ to get his game together. On the other hand, if he's average or above average as a passer, than they will be in great position as they will know that they can move forward with Tebow.


          • Not happening.

            We pick WAY too out of range for him, we have too many holes then to trade for a QB.

            While Tebow was far from great, we need a lot of help on defense, and other areas.

            If RG3 fell to 25 or 26, sure, but trading the farm for him, no thanks.


            • Originally posted by broncos SB2010 View Post
              I don't think they should get RG3, but what's your point?
              My point was that Tebow didn't lose the game. Tebow didn't have a bad game. Tebow should not have to take full responsibility for the loss.

              Brady was unstoppable early on. Our defense was atleast 15 steps behind him at any given point including Carter's interception.

              The playcalling on both on offense and defense was horrific. You cannot run, run, pass against the Patriots. You cannot do actual options against the patriots. We did not do enough zone reads, and you could tell when we did that we missed Chris Kuper. On defense you cannot play zone coverage against the best QBs in the league. You just can't. It is an understood thing. Yet Dennis Allen coutinuosly called zone plays until the series where Carter got an interception. After that series he went back to zone.

              Tebow was under pressure constantly and consistently and when they showed the WRs running routes and were never open. Many of his throws were throwaways. His receivers had a few drops.

              Now I'm not apoligizing for Tebow. But of all the Tebow games to jump off the bandwagon for, this is one of the worse cases for. Tebow wasn't inaccurate, for the most part he was dead on. The defense had him playing catchup to a 4 touchdown lead at half time. He didn't even have a bunch of turnovers. He had 1 fumble where Ninkovich got to free rush on Tebow. I don't think a single team in the league could have beat Brady in this game. And I will say it now, if the Patriots can keep this play up they will win the superbowl. They are peaking at the right time and their offense is unstoppable. So... c'mon Giants!
              Denver Broncos GM
              Originally posted by Mosk
              Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale


              • What Denver needs to do HMO is draft a couple of starters on our defense, draft a couple of offensive backups, sign their FA's and a couple of other FA and allow the rest of their team to jell together into a team to be reckoned with! Also sign as many UDFA as they can.
                Everyone wants to blame Tebow or change QB but if not for Tebow, Denver would probably made in to the playoffs. Orton sure never got us there! They need to sign a experienced QB to tutor Tebow.
                Tebow is a lot like Elway in the fact that he makes everyone around him better!