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    Originally posted by Lunchbox2643 View Post
    I think we have pretty decent pass rush could us little help in stopping run and in coverage. With are potential draft being little later then everyone had originally thought think free agency is place to gain so more help in back field. Corner back is a major concern of mine. Other than Champ haven't been overly impressed with the coverage of late. Goodman get burned more than he has covered it seems like, Harris is only an undrafted rookie. Carter and Moore are not ready to step in with out Brian. We need to get more help in back field for style of football we are going to play. Possible free agents.

    SS Dashon Goldson SF
    CB Leon Hall CIN
    FS Michael Griffin TEN
    CB Aaron Ross NYG
    CB Brent Grimes Atl
    CB Carlos Rogers SF
    CB Byron Westbrook WAS RFA
    FS Reggie Nelson CIN
    SS Bryan Scott BUF
    CB Richard Marshall ARI
    CB Brandon Browner SEA

    Really like Ross, Westbrook and Rogers on this list. But think if we get 2 or maybe 3 would shore up defensive backs.
    im with u on rogers but no thank u to ross and westbrook. i like brent grimes and goldson. i wouldnt cut goodman in the case that we have injuries. but how could anyone want marshall, arizona has one of the worse secondaries in the league, plus browner has had a pretty good yr


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      Michael Griffin all the WAY!


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        Grimes is a stud, and if we were to get him it would be close to getting another #1 corner on this team. Tracy Porter is a solid player who would be a good #2 for us. Terrell Thomas would be a nice physical presence on the edges for us, and he would be amongst the best #2 corners in the league for us. Aaron Ross is far from a stud but would be an average corner for us, and would be upgrade from Goodman at least in terms of age.

        I think as far as safeties go we should look for a veteran if Dawkins leaves, if he doesn't I think we should stay put.