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  • Julius Thomas could be that guy for us, but like the guy above said, Fox only wants to use TE's to block 90% of the time.

    Even if we drafted a guy who was every bit as good as Jimmy Graham, Vernon Davis or Rob Gronkowski, he would only catch like 35 balls MAX

    If Fox was a little less stubborn and would let JT on the field and let him get down the field he would make plays for us. We all know he needs to develop as a blocker. But you know how you hide that weakness? Put him on the field and don't make him block. When you need blocking put in Fells.


    • Originally posted by ohionative1950 View Post
      No, not related but just wishing him the best because he is a great football player.. Look how TEbow made mistakes and improved, that is because he didnt get taken out .
      Give it a rest.
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      • Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
        Play-calling has sucked, calling option plays vs them is stupid.

        I don't mind running the ball, but they have a decent rush-D, bad pass-D, and we're running.

        Tebow's play has been bad, but the play-calling hasn't helped.
        We called the plays we always run. You don't stop being who you are.

        Man fans can be so fickle. We were running the ball fine, we were not converting 3rd downs. Look at what happened with 4 straight pass plays from the 3 yard line.

        Tebow is not a throw it 40 times a game QB. Our OL is not a pass block OL. Tebow was under constant pressure and he just does not do the quick hit passes. Tebow only completes passes when he has forever and a clean pocket to throw...when he scambles free he hits some.

        You can't call scramble drills.
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        • Originally posted by BroncoooJohnson View Post
          No, the play calling has not been good. I don't care what you say, there is no excuse for attacking a team coming off a bye week with the option play after play, after 2 weeks of preparation. When's the last time you saw a slip screen for a running back? that slows the pass rush down. Every shotgun run that ISN'T option is straight Power O, no draws.
          When have you ever seen Tebow throw good passes underneath? Take a three step drop and throw? He has such a long wind up, he just does not throw those passes well. How many tipped balls did the Pats D have on short routes?

          I will say again, the calls were fine for having a QB with a suspect pass throwing into a wind. If you want to run the quick timing stuff and screens...get a new QB.
          Ravens GM 2016 - Ravens are looking to trade down 4-8 spots


          • Originally posted by Kyousukeneko View Post
            we have a TE that could do that, except he is never out there cause we always use TE as blockers. i really want to see us use JT as a Receiving TE
            You are right we do have that. Thomas was a stud in camp, just needs to get blocking down.
            Ravens GM 2016 - Ravens are looking to trade down 4-8 spots


            • CB - I don't see this as a huge need like some others do. I think Champ is good for 3-4 more seasons as a #1 and I actually like Goodman as a #2 CB. Harris looks like a real find as a NCB and we have Sy'Quad Thompson coming back to compete next year.
              Goodman, is no GOOD, Man .. we need sign free agent ,


              • Let's see, New England was better prepared, had better players, better play calling and is probably the next Super Bowl Champs and Denver has a lot of young players who has no playoff experience and tonight was the inferior team.
                Golly, I can't figure out how we lost tonight! LOL
                Draft some players around Tebow and he will get us to the Super Bowl!!!
                Go Broncos


                • true

                  Originally posted by MHSalute View Post
                  Play calling has been fine, execution by QB and a couple drops have not been fine.

                  Tebow passing has resulted in sacks, fumbles and missed opportunities for the most part. He has dropped back about 15 times this half.

                  Tim has also not had a good day executing the option, making the wrong reads and not aggressively turning up field when given a chance.
                  on the money here.


                  • offensive linemen

                    then densive linemen. You fans are almost all a bunch of morons. How can so many of you overlook the need to control the LOS.