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    Assuming we draft on best available (as there are numerous areas of "need" to fill) what realistic targets do you all have pegged on your early charts (ie I love Trent Richardson as much as the next guy, but he just won't be available in the 20's).

    1) Vontaze Burfict - MLB (1st round): This guy clearly has anger/discipline issues on the field, but I feel like the Denver D needs a little of the "nasty edge" that he provides, and defenses like the Ravens, 49'ers, and Steelers possess. He is a vicious, vicious hitter and with the right coaching, will be that MLB for years to come.

    2) Lamar Miller - RB (2nd round): He may be available at this point, and would be a great value pick to develop behind McGahee. As much as I like him, Ball is not a #2 option.

    3) Janoris Jenkins - DB (3rd round/trade up to 2nd round): I am not quite sure he will be available in the 3rd round, but you never know (Hernandez was the big pot smoker at UF, and look where he ended up dropping to). Either way, if he interviews well, and can prove he is over the immature phase of his life, he brings a sick skill-set to the table and would do well learning under Champ. A lot of Gator fans felt he was the better DB than Haden, and look how good Joe Haden is now for Cleveland.

    4) Orson Charles - TE (4th round): He is leaving Georgia early, and may be a bit undersized, but is a big time talent. Again, may not be available at this point, but its fun to imagine.

    What do you all think?
    Kendall Wright WR
    Fletcher Cox DT
    Chase Minnifield CB
    Vontaze Burfict MLB
    Mark Barron S

    The poll is expired.

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    this would be great.

    if we had 3 first round picks


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      I'll take Doug Martin in the 3rd round to grow behind McGahee. That kid is going to be a steal..


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        Vontaze Burfict reminds me of Terrell Suggs


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          Jay, love me some Doug Martin as well. Definition of beast.


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            This defense NEEDS Burfict. I can't think of a better fit. Him + Von? Yikes


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              Originally posted by EZE2005 View Post
              Jay, love me some Doug Martin as well. Definition of beast.


              I like Burfict too.. Assuming he can get his head straight.. I like the nastiness.


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                Burfict is feast or famine. Either he'll be a beast, or he'll be a problem.


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                  Jenkins will go in the 1st.
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                    burfict has a better chance being there in the second then miller and jenkins.
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                      id like doug martin to, we def. need help at all 3 levels of defense....i wouldnt mind burfict or hightower but i doubt either will be there at what 25-26...


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                        Who do you take?

                        Who would you rather the Broncos draft in the 1st round? Here are a list of potential candidates that fill a need.

                        1. Kendall Wright WR Baylor - He is fast, great route runner with great hands. He can fit in well in the slot with DT and Decker on the outside.

                        2. Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State - We need a DT to apply pressure up the middle. Our DL is severly lacking in the pressure department. If we cannot apply pressure with a 4 man front, we will not win in the playoffs.

                        3. Vontaze Burfict MLB Arizona State - Plays with a mean streak (something we need). He needs to be coached up to eliminate the mistakes, but he can flat out ball. MLB is almost our most important need.

                        4. Chase Minnifield CB Virginia - Champ's future replacement and Goody's present replacement.

                        5. Mark Barron S Bama - S is also becoming one of, if not the, most important position of need. Top S in the draft.
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                          Wright and Barron are the two players I definitely do not take

                          We already have a couple of young safeties with potential and Barron doesn't come off to me as a can't miss prospect so I'd rather pass and let our guys develop or have something come up in FA.

                          And although Wright would be fantastic to have since he offers that explosiveness/homerun threat we lack I don't think we invest in WR so early. I think you can find one of these speedy guys later in the draft as well.

                          When it comes to the three other guys I think it all depends on what happens in FA first. However, I think it would be or at least should be between Cox and Minnifield if neither of those positions are addressed earlier. But I'm kind of hoping we end up with a monster MLB next year so I basically can't choose
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                            Vontaze Burfict. Athletic, physical, hard hitting linebacker who would start day 1.


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                              Stick with taking the BPA! That may end up being Micheal Brocker DT from LSU!