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    other then tha fact that there rookies and it takes 2-3 years for a player to hit his prime and Safety is one of the harder position to transistion in the NFL
    oakland raders gm
    latavis murray trade bait


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      Originally posted by Kansas Bob View Post
      Here is my version of a good Mock Draft:
      #1 Fletcher Cox DT (Miss State)
      #2 Trumaine Johnson CB (Montana)
      #3 Markelle Martin S (OKlahoma State)
      #4 Mike Martin DT (Michigan)
      #5 Ryan Broyles WR (Oklahoma)

      These players will help our Broncos in positions where I feel they need the most help.

      All these players and where they are expected to be drafted comes from CBS Sports draft prospects page.
      One of the best mocks I've seen yet. I would like to see your thoughts on free agency as well, but I would be very happy with this if Trumaine shows maturity and stops getting into trouble.

      I might replace Trumaine with someone in mine, but he's someone I see climbing draft boards when coaches and scouts get to see him at the combine.


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        Originally posted by Pruke View Post
        Badly needed. Dawk likely won't be back and Moore, Carter and Bruton did not do much to warrant faith in a complete turnaround.
        Agreed! Markelle Martin would be a big upgrade for Denver. He is faster than any of their current safeties and a solid tackler. I don't know if he will be there when Denver drafts in the third round either but would look good in a Bronco Uniform.
        I really thought this draft would go a long ways toward filling a lot of holes in the Bronco defense!


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          I've been watching Markelle Martin since his pee-wee football days. Martin is tough and very fast.
          One reason he didn't quite have the senior year to match last year were the inexperience of his teammates in the secondary, ie: He was trying to do to much.
          The man can flat out play. He would look very good in the orange & blue.


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            One of my best friends is Trumaine Johnson's cousin.

            So it would be cool if we picked him up. Especially since we signed his other cousin as an UDFA this season. (Jamel Hamler)


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              If Trumaine Johnson can convince NFL execs that he can stay out of trouble that he is truely a first round talent. If understand that opposing QB's rather take a sack or throw the ball away than to throw it in his direction!