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  • I like the though process, but after Gray (ehom I love), the value becomes unreal. Alameda and McNutt are both likely to go in the second or third, and Moore will probably be taken in the 4th-5th.
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    • A lot of tall speed you have going on there. If we go DL in FA, I can see us double dipping with Johnson and Iloka (similar players).
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      • Ta' amu weight issues and short arms. 4th or 5th rounder.

        McNutt. Not particularly fast. Converted QB. Smart, fearless in traffic. Lack of straightline speed will keep him out of the 1st 4 rounds. Dude will not drop the rock.

        Moore. Too damn skinny, but so damn football savvy. What the heck though... A 6th or 7th rounder aint supposed to make a splash anyway, so no risk, right?

        All players in the mock are reported to be team 1st, mature, level-headed guys.


        • Zach brown has been called out for been immature by a few former team mates


          • Originally posted by badaxe
            25- Zach Brown LB N. Carolina
            I really dislike this pick. We have a guy in Von Miller who is under sized and struggles against the run. Our run defense needs some physicalty and sure tackling. Brown is very hit and miss on tackle. Inconsistant. Also he has the speed and athletic ability and is good in coverage but I don't see him as really fulfilling a need or being best player available. We have DJ Williams. We have Von Miller. We may have Wesley Woodyard back and we have Nate Irving who I have always liked more as a WILL linebacker. I don't like the pick.

            50- Trumaine Johnson CB Montana
            Never see him play. But with guys I have seen I think there will be better options out there. However I don't really know as I have not seen this guy play. I think the key to getting guy in the draft should be a big physical man to man cover corner or safety who has the ability to matchup with guys like Hernedez and Gronkowski and the like.

            130- Alameda Ta' amu DT Washington
            I don't think he will be there at this point however if he was I would love that. He is a very good player and despite his weight which suggest he is a run stuffer and nose tackle only is wrong. He is very quick and has a good first step. He is very strong and is great and collapsing the pocket. That is exactly what we need. Collapse the middle and have our two edge rushers turned loose. There will be no where for quarterbacks to step up into to.


            • Love your draft but I think after free agency we will see a lot of different needs. Great effort, way too go.


              • I like it. It would be awesome to get those players. But, I think EFX will go QB in rounds 2-4 to try to get a good prospect to compete with tebow