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    I've watched a lot of South Carolina games because my brother is a big fan and whenever I've watched him he's been really good. He'll go up and get the ball at it's highest point and he rarely goes down on first contact. He's got great hands and had numerous one handed beauties. He can definitely block. I'm sure Marcus Lattimore will tell you that too.

    Now I'm all for taking the best player available and if he's the best available when we pick then I wouldn't be mad if we took him. I understand why some people will want to go defense in the first. I think it just depends on what happens in free agency.


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      I would like a running back this draft if we don't I really hope we go out and draft Lattimore next year he is the best back I have seen since Adrian Peterson


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        Originally posted by HavoK471 View Post
        I'd rather get WR somewhere in the later rounds

        Round 4-5 would be fine with me
        i'm with that. i just said floyd in terms of the op.

        i think thomas and decker will be just fine. ya decker fell off down the stretch but at 1 point with what 4 or 5 games left he had 8 tds. only 3 or 4 more peeps at that point in the season had more than him. with 6/7 peeps with the same amount.

        thomas was money down the stretch.

        decker does have to catch the 1's that hit him in the hands even if they get there not perfect. if you get 2 hands on'em you gotta catch'em.

        i think we are in good shape at receiver and can hold off tell later draft wise for someone. as havok said.
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          There are two key things that young Wr's need to have success when they start in the league.

          That's being able to create separation and running good routes.

          He doesn't really fit that category.

          That being said, he is an interesting prospect. But I'd be skeptical about putting a lot of faith in him to be a dominant wideout for us.
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            would take this draft any day of the week. Alshon Jeffery is a huge target and could you imagine a team trying to cover DT (6'3) Alshon (6'4) and Decker (6'3)? It wouldn't be possible! Add on to that the possible progression of Virgil Green (6'3) and Julius Thomas (6'5)? You have a scary set of weapons. Tebow would just have to get them the ball.

            I also think Gilmore will be the best or one of the best CBs to come out of the draft.


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              Originally posted by Captain_23 View Post
              Whats up john? Hope all is well. Who do u like better lamar miller or david wilson better? I like miller, boy reminds me of clinton portis. Im talking about the 5'11 205 lb clinton portis his two years in denver, not the 5'11 225 lbs slow, no power havin clinton portis that was in washington. CP ought to file a law suit against joe gibbs for ruining his once promising start to a hof career.

              I like david wilson, but he look small, and he isnt as fast. Give me your take.
              I personally like David Wilson better. I like him more than any other back named Trent Richardson. However Lamar Miller is good also and a pick I would love. However not in the first round. I don't want us to take a runner in the first round.

              Lamar Miller:

              He has fresh legs and is in no way worn out. However with this is inexperience. He is a patient runner but at times will wait to long to make a decision. He keeps moving his legs after contact and has good lower body strength. Can break arm tackles and with his speed and size he is tough to bring down. However if a defender gets a clean shot on him he will more than often be stopped. Low center of gravity. Very quick agile runner with very good lateral agility. Good initial burst and gets to top speed extremely quickly. Hits the hole with speed and runs to day light. Great break away speed with great vision and makes smart decisions on cut back runs. Good hands with great balance. Solid receiving back however lacks production as a receiver back. Not an unwilling blocker but appears to lack understanding in this area