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    I agree Walton wasn't good, and Beadles really struggles with strong DT's. For that matter, Clady didn't have a great year either. Both are good in space and good at pulling. Yes, we had the #1 rush attack in terms of total yards, but we also had a ton of 3 and outs, many of which were runs on 1st and 2nd (and even 3rds). Good dlines were able to shut down the run game.

    All that said, I think we let the guys grow together another year and add some depth via FA. We have other pressing needs that are more dire and limited resources to work with. I'd take the gamble that Beadles and Walton improve and address DT, CB, MLB, or even TE before trying to replace these guys.


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      Originally posted by samparnell View Post
      Stop reading Pro Football Focus and start watching the O-Line play for yourself. You don't need a bunch of ignorant jackasses who know nothing about offensive line play telling you what you're seeing.
      Well, they're right about Walton. He routinely jumps off the screen to me as woefully overmatched, especially against 3-4 fronts. He is a liability and should be replaced in either this year's draft or next year's. Beadles has shown me enough to let be for now.
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        Originally posted by Kyousukeneko View Post
        i just want to run this past you to make sure i am getting it right, our blocking scheme is about double teaming the linemen getting them down and moving onto the backers A-sap right?

        this makes sense i don't think any O-lineman then Kahli and Decastro will have positive effects immediately and we are out of range for both them. so this makes sense to me.
        Not sure what they want our lineman to do but wha I said is what zone blocking is and our guys do a hell of a job at staying on their blocks and then getting to the next level.


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          Walton was statistically worst in the league among centers when it came to allowing opponents in the backfield. He has poor endurance and recovery speed not to mention the disadvantage he is at with his arm length which forces him to constantly have to attack in close combat, and his leadership abilities only showed when he couldnt rely on Kuper. Walton is a good anchor C hes quick off the snap and is a mauler however the Broncos have asked him to move around way to much and he is not a drive blocker despite that seemingly being what they want him to do. He should sit there and force the Nose out of leverage or play in double teams thats where his strength lies and honestly he doesnt have the physical gifts to do anything else

          We have the 2nd youngest line in the NFL so it stands to reason we have some growing pains, but C is like the catcher of the team hes the last place you want to have issues. Some here have questioned his intelligence which to be honest might be his only asset still he needs to be more of a leader and not just following a tone set by Kuper.

          Beadles is a good pulling guard, he has amazing foot work and speed that prevent him from getting beat by simple moves. He has issues with his punch, he cant sustain it when run blocking, he cant get a good initial punch when pass blocking and he gets overcome by elite DT's when they punch him. He needs to work on his fluidity down field but besides that I think like Cassius Vaughn did last year he should hit the boxing ring and work on his ability to effectively win in hand to hand situations.

          It is my belief Beadles problems can be improved with better hand work Waltons problems are that he needs a scheme adapted around his strengths.
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