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  • Originally posted by Garywolf001 View Post
    A strong Offence always helps the defense, if you noticed in the SB it was the Offence that lost the game for Brady, more than once in the second half I saw open receivers drop the ball on plays that would have got the lead back for them, A QB can only put the ball in a receivers hands, only Elway could tattoo them to force them to catch it LOL! Not saying we don't need more D.
    To be fair Brady played god-awful in both the AFCCG and Super Bowl. That "drop" by Welker was a VOMIT-INDUCINGLY bad throw behind him and over his head. Not a drop imo.

    And how many times did the Patriots punt against us? Besides the Brady punt I believe it was 0. We could still use some safeties, MLBs, and DTs. Dallas Clark? Give me a break...


    • Originally posted by Buck_N_Broncs View Post
      You all are say we're giving up our first pick, and paying a bunch of money. But what we are also talking about a guy that can completely change the game with one catch. He will stretch the field, and demand respect on his side of the field.

      Last time i checked, we're still paying our 25th pick money. It might not be close to what Wallace will get, but we also are paying a proven player. There is no player that will be at 25, that will be a guarantee like Wallace.

      And dont tell me DT/Decker will be enough to go against the Steelers/Pats/Ravens of the world. We will need more weapons. Wallace is a perfect fit.

      But the more i hear, unless Peyton requests this, we likely wont go after wallace anyways.

      EDIT: Oh and you all that act like his production dropped off halways through the season. Thats because he started to get doubled team. Which is why Brown's statistics boomed when this happened. To me this is an easy chance, along with Saturday, to solidfy our offense.

      Pass on Clark, I like Thomas.
      You bring up good points I'll give you that and agree but I'll disagree that that is what we should do. PM is eating up a lot of our money and we will probably sign some of his guys too. That will address the offense n hopefully get everyone up to speed quickly. To put that much of the money into a deep threat reciever afterward with all the other holes to fill is not the right move imo. It is not even close to our most glaring need , we have plenty more holes to fill on defense and can use it to do that. We have DT and we can pick up a cheaper option via fa or draft if we want. If we had all the money in the world or we didn't have other more glaring needs i'd be all for it. But if SB is the goal then we have to be able to play with the best and our defense could not last year. If PM gives us the lead then that will definitely help the defense but in order for us to get the lead we have to be able to stop the other team. I will point to last year and some of the better offenses we faced, we couldn't. We need to sure up the defense imo if we want to win a SB. Yes failures on offense can lose the game for you, but a complete fail on defense and the offense won't even be in it in the 4th to have a chance to win (see our first 4 SB). Shanahann had the number 2 offense in the league and we missed the play offs and he got fired. Why? Because of the defense. Sorry but I don't care if its Elway or Manning or Montana you can't win it if you arent in it imo.
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      • Originally posted by itswutz4dinna View Post
        To be fair Brady played god-awful in both the AFCCG and Super Bowl. That "drop" by Welker was a VOMIT-INDUCINGLY bad throw behind him and over his head. Not a drop imo.

        And how many times did the Patriots punt against us? Besides the Brady punt I believe it was 0. We could still use some safeties, MLBs, and DTs. Dallas Clark? Give me a break...
        I saw 4-5 drops (including a TE which is amazing for NE to happen) I would haft to rewatch the whole 2nd half to point out each and I'm not doing that sorry, But I agree we need defence TOO. I just would like to see a few better TE's and a real RB.
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        • Originally posted by Bronco_Armada View Post
          Wish we could have nabbed that DT from Miami.

          His name escapes me at the moment.

          I think we have to add a WR in the draft or FA, not because DT and Decker are not good. For security reasons.

          DT has ankle issues.

          Decker has a knee issue IIRC.

          Thinned out WR corps can be damaging.

          I think Royal and Manning could have been best friends.
          Ithink the DT from Miami name is Solai,he is a beasty DT imo.


          • Wallace for like 11-12 million a year ummm no thanks. Just cause we have cap room doesnt mean we have to spend it all on 2 guys.

            Deep threat for a guy who might not be able to throw as deep anymore?????

            I know the draft pick is unproven but with the new CBA 4 years 8 million is better than 5 years 55 million. Chances of Wallace being worth 47 million more dollars than a solid pick are not very good IMO.

            I still say trade back and fill holes. Spend the money wisely. On mostly Defense


            • I like Julius Thomas but let's be real he cannot be our number 1 TE going into camp. As of right now he is just not skilled enough. Clark with his familiarity with manning is perfect to have right now since we lost fells.

              But Brandon stokley? Seriously? Tatum bell did go from selling phones to giving us some quality production so you never know. But seriously? And no we shouldn't go after mike Wallace. Incase yall forgot we still have not resigned bunkley and have holds on defense. All the offensive talent in the world aint gonna matter if we get ripped for 40+.


              • Julius Thomas was a beast in camp last season. He has very good potential. If he can get the blocking right which in an interview yesterday seemed very sure he would in that area he could establish himself as a star by the end of the season.

                I think that we should sign a free agent. Maybe Dallas Clark. If a cheaper sort of contract. He can be our sure fire number one for a few years while Thomas develops and contributes in the mean time. Thomas could be used as a wide out also and if his blocking doesn't turn out that could be his future.

                However on the free agent Tight end front I would much prefer to try and sign Joel Dreessen from the Texans. He is younger than Clark and is a very solid player. He is a big target and is very well rounded. He can block and he can catch. He wouldn't break the bank and if he was to cost the same as Clark I would prefer EFX go after him.

                The others guys could be Jacob Tamme. Don't know much about him apart form some games in 2010 where he really contributed. He is younger and would have more years ahead of him. Would probably be cheaper but I don't know.

                On the guys in this thread.

                Saturday. I don't want us to get to much older and Saturday adds to the age of the team. I don't like that. I am sort of hoping he signs with one of the other two teams (Titans and Packers) he is visiting. If we feel getting a center is a huge must then I would love to possibly draft Peter Konz with the 25th pick.

                There are some good options to add competition to the center position. We have one center on the roster. A guy like Jamaal Jackson. Has had some injury problems but before that set in he could really play.

                However if Saturday signs which I think he will then we have an old center for around probably 2 seasons.

                Stokley. I would love to have Stokley back. Always liked him a lot. He can still play more than likely. Sure hands of his would be welcomed. I doubt he is the 1st, 2nd or 3rd option on offense but I think as a realiable slot reciever he would be solid.

                And I doubt he would ask for more than the vet minimum. He said on an interview with the fan if Manning signs with Denver and Manning wanted him to come and play he would for sure. He did say there wouldn't be much of a market for him anyway so I guess he would be willing to just play again for cheap. You never know though.

                Anderson. He had a great season last year sack wise. DOn't know what position he would play in our defense. Would he be playing strong side ? I don't like the idea of adding another guy who may be a liability against the run. And to have him and Miller going against right tackles and tight ends consistanly. That is a scary thought.

                He will probably be asking for a pretty big pay day. I think we should draft a pass rusher if we are looking for a situational guy. I don't think adding him after a career full of ups and downs is a good move. However you can never have enough pass rush.

                Wimbley. I see nothing about him coming to Denver.
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                • I will take Dallas Clark, pass on Tamme and Saturday. Virgil Green will be the blocking TE. Clark and Thomas will be the pass catching TE.


                  • For TE, I would rather have Tamme or Visanthe Shiancoe. Dallas is getting old. Then you get Saturday for the O line. Maybe get Wallace fr WR. Then get the rest in the draft. DT, RB, CB, S.


                    • Originally posted by Downboy View Post
                      That funny because my Steeler fan buddy thinks they are 7-9 next year if we steal Wallace.
                      I'm surprised he knows what a losing record is. Steelers are never 7-9
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                      • did they just say Saturday was on his way to Denver on NFL channel?


                        • Wimbley gone, the should be signing at TE Jacob Tamme he is the TE from the COLTS to get in here