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Moore Now A Really Good Draft Choice?

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    Originally posted by NorthEastCorner View Post
    He played against better college competition than Rod Smith and Shannon Sharpe.

    We can argue about the guys arm, or his durability at 200lbs, or his speed, but the weak competition argument holds no water whatsoever.
    I'm not saying that it can't be done, or hasn't happened before. But in all reality, the guy probably didn't face hardly any NFL players in his college days. Granted, everyone coming out of college is questionable until they play in the NFL, but the guy was doing most of his work against teams like Idaho, Lousiana Tech, San Jose State.. etc. He may be worth a 7th round draft pick, but nothing more.


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      I would rather see another NFL team take a chance on Moore being the "next Brees". Broncos have a great QB starting that a young, impressionable pocket passing rookie QB can learn from.
      We are going with Plan A