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I thought we were getting all these weapns in FA because of...

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    I have no clue why you guys are so high on Carter...He looked horrible out there.. When Dawk went down he looked worse... I won't even talk about Moore who got benched, at the end of the year Burton looked like our best Saftey.. Add this to the fact that we have some very sub-par DT's. Speaking of which, I'm at a lose at why we haven't went after any DT's.. Was it really a must that we picked up TWO TE's.. We could have picked up one and used the left over cash on another DT, and no I'm not talking about M. Thomas.


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      Originally posted by daspeedster View Post
      Didnt u say this......

      " I want all the weapons we can get, but I just don't see great weapons in FA coming in, as of yet."

      Thought so...
      I don't follow your cryptic train of thought. Obviously, besides PM I'm referring to. That would seem to be a given. Thanks for your constructive ideas in this thread.

      It is obvious we aren't going to bring in every top FA out there. My point is pretty clear. Tamme seems to be the most proven FA we have obtained so far and I think I started this thread before he was signed?

      Never thought we would not build via the draft, that is a given...but we are in a different window of opportunity now considering our QB is different from last years.