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My First and Last Draft... Please give me input...

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  • My First and Last Draft... Please give me input...

    I went with BPA... But in saying that it was alot of what we need anyway

    ROUND 1. Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama: We need CB's and he's the best cover corner in the draft, Goody is on the other side of 30 and Champ can teach the youngster.

    ROUND 2. Alamed Ta'ama DT Washington: No more Bunk, and Mcbean is well McGARBAGE!!!! no need to say more...Best run stuffing DT in the draft.

    ROUND 3. Mike Martin DT Michigan: I live in Michigan and see this guy play EVERY WEEK, and let me tell you he is a BEAST!!!! His wrestling background will help him in the thin air, guys got a never ending motor...Plus we have no DT's.
    ROUND 4.(JETS) Ben Jones C Alabama: We have one of the worst centers in the league... Peyton will teach Mr. Jones a thing or to, Plus he was in a pro style offense and he is VERY SMART.

    ROUND 4. Jared Crick DE/DT Nebraska: He would have been a first rounder had he not gottin hurt... Oh well, some peoples garbage is another mans treasure...

    Round 5. Brandon Taylor S LSU: He's a great talent and with Dawks future un certain Taylor would be a GREAT help, With Taylor and Kirkpatrick in the Defensive Backfield for many years..

    Round 6. Kyle Wilber ILB Wake Forest: With DJ's uncertainty and all of our problems with our LBer's Mr.Wilber is a secret star... We pluck a sleeper here.

    Round 7. Cliff Harris CB/PR Oregon: What a steal we get... With Royle leaving this guy will step right in with 4.3 speed... He also is a darn good Corner as well, not alot of size but can take it to the house any time he touchs it.

    I hope this is good, all the remarks will be taken well...I look forward to it. Thanks again.
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    Picks 1 and 3 probably most likely wont be there. Other than that it looks good.

    Edit: nvm I had mike martin confused with someone else lol.


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      The Broncos will most likely trade up to get Still or Brockers or Poe


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        Originally posted by Ohenhen12345 View Post
        The Broncos will most likely trade up to get Still or Brockers or Poe
        I would throw stuff

        I like Still and all but this draft is way to deep to trade up for a DT.


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          I dig it...i would prefer a couple different players but i wouldnt hate this


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            Originally posted by Ohenhen12345 View Post
            The Broncos will most likely trade up to get Still or Brockers or Poe
            Were not trading up for any of those players.


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              I do not see the Broncos drafting 2 corners, especially one with our first pick. We just signed Tracy Porter, we have Champ, Goody (even though he is on his way out I believe), Cassius, Squid, and Chris Harris. That is 6 corners, 5 if Goody is cut.

              I love the Alamed Ta'ama pick. He has not been talked a lot about lately, but he was an animal in the Senior Bowl and I love his motor. 6'3 350 35 Bench reps. YES PLEASE..cannot say enough about how great this pick would be.

              I think we are going to draft a QB and a RB in this draft. I dunno about drafting another safety even as late as the pick is.

              I love the defensive line picks, but the rest I would not be thrilled with.


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                Somebody will take a gamble on Cliff Harris before round 7. And Crick isnt a good 4-3 fit in the nfl. But other than that solid draft I'd be happy. Extremely stoked if Kirkpatrick fell to us.


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                  Blue Thunda v 3.0 Mock Draft

                  Alright 3rd Mock now that our Free agency is finally underway and shaping up what our draft is going to look like.

                  Notable Free Agent Signings:
                  Peyton Manning QB
                  Joel Dressen TE
                  Jacob Tamme TE
                  Andre Caldwell WR
                  Tracy Porter CB
                  Caleb Hanie QB (Backup)

                  Trying to Re-Sign Marcus Thomas DT (Who we really need. BAD)

                  NFL Draft 2012:

                  Surprise Surprise! The Denver Broncos trade back into the second round, They trade their #25 pick to Vikings for their #35 pick and their #67 picks. They use the #25 pick to draft Coby Fleener TE or Kendall Wright WR. More weapons for Christian Ponder.

                  2nd round *Per Vikings #35) Kendall Reyes DT Uconn- Reyes I believe will surprise many at how talented he will be. He's got 3 years of playing/starting experience and I think he is the safer pick over Worthy (who would still be available). We finally fix our pass rush after about 6-7 years of no force up front whatsoever. Reyes will perform well.
                  Other Option: Jerel Worthy DT Michigan State

                  2nd Round #57) Alameda Ta'amu DT Washington- We definitely double dip at DT this year, it's the time to do so since like I said the class is so DEEP with talent at the position. We got Reyes in as our pass rush, and we grab Ta'amu to fill our gap at NT since Bunkley is now gone. Ta'amu is preferred as a run-stuffer, but has the athletic ability to push the pile as well. Pretty raw so far, but he can make it work.
                  Other Option: Brandon Thompson DT Clemson

                  3rd Round *Per Vikings #67) Brock Osweiler QB Arizona State- You either love him or hate him from the responses I've seen on these boards, but I love him, and EFX does too. Great size at 6'8, very athletic and surprising pocket presence and ability to scramble (Former Basketball player). His accuracy needs improvement, arm strength is fabulous. Can be groomed behind Manning as our Future starter. Sorry, but I don't want Weeden, too old, system QB, no thanks.
                  Other Option: Chase Minnifield CB/KR/PR Virginia

                  3rd Round #88) Robert Turbin RB Utah State- Had an awesome combine, and makes great value for this pick. I'm praying he's not flying up draft boards cause he's a big dude who has great quickness and elusive mobility. We need more RB depth, and add's another weapon to the backfield.
                  Other Option: Travis Lewis OLB Oklahoma

                  4th Round *Per Jets for Tebow #108) Ben Jones C Georgia-
                  I'm really not too sure about J.D. Walton.... Maybe he had a rough year I don't know, but either way we need depth & competition. Walton struggled and has a reputation for the worst starting Center in the NFL. Ben Jones is a pretty solid Center; no Peter Konz or anything but I believe he can push Walton for the starting job.
                  Other Option: DeQuan Menzie CB Alabama

                  4th Round #120) Tommy Streeter WR Miami- Big Reciever with a great combine performance. 6'4, 4.40 (I think.. I don't remember but he was quick) surprisinglt athletic for his size. Great depth and red zone threat for Manning and co.
                  Other Options: Jared Crick DT/DE Wisonson: Yes he is being shown falling into the 4th round.
                  Vontaze Burfict MLB Arizona State: Attitude, work ethic suck. Maybe he straightens up and can be a steal.

                  5th Round #152) Cliff Harris CB/PR/KR Oregon- Adds depth to the CB position, and hopefully can re-fill our PR/KR role in place of Eddie Royal leaving. Won't be used much for his first season except for Special Teams purposes.

                  Other picks used for whatever EFX wants....


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                    I like it
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                      Dont like it at all.......I think that in the second we would have to do way better.....And there is no way we dont go O with at least one of the first 2 picks
                      Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic


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                        I like Reyes but not ahead of Worthy. Just watch the film for the bowl game against Georgia. Worthy was pointing out hot WRs and run plays to his teammates before the snap. I guess you can say Worthy was a Peyton Manning of the Michign State defense.

                        I would personally stay at 25 and take Worthy if he's there. I personally think Worthy is a top 20 pick.

                        I really like the Ta'ama pick. I would not be mad at all if Worthy and Ta'ama are our first 2 picks. I will say this about Ta'ama is he does have a weight problem. At on point in his college career he tip the scales at 390 and played around 360.

                        Osweiler is very raw QB. Doesnt have a ton of starting exprience and often stares down his primary target. This is a boom or bust pick here in the third round. But with Elway and Manning to learn from it could be more of a boom pick

                        Turbin is a RB I like but 3rd is too high in my book. There is alot more talented RB in this draft at could be had in round 3. Like Chris Polk, Edwin Baker, Bernard Pierce, LaMichael James, and Isaiah Pead.

                        Trade out Ben Jones for Michael Brewster or David Molk and I'll feel a whole lot better. Jones was man handle by Worthy in the Outback Bowl. Alot of people are high on Jones I however Im not.

                        Love the Tommy Streeter pick. Is a sleeper. Also could be a one year wonder. 6'4 with 4.40 speed cant go to wrong in the 4th. I like Streeter here along with Ryan Broyles, A.J. Jenkins, T.Y. Hilton, and DeVier Posey

                        Harris pick is a big gamble even in the 5th round. His long list of off the field problems overshadows all of his talent. Also at little over 5'11 at 172 with a 4.65 40 is a little disturbing. One positive note is out of his 8 career picks, his picked of Andrew Luck twice, Matt Barkley once and Jake Locker once.


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                          doubt Ta/amu makes it there, the steelers will love him to much, and i doubt martin there in the third
                          oakland raders gm
                          latavis murray trade bait


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                            I would love this draft.......Crick is a total steal......
                            Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic


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                              Originally posted by Ohenhen12345 View Post
                              The Broncos will most likely trade up to get Still or Brockers or Poe
                              Doubtful. There is a very good chance one or two of those guys will be there at 25 anyway.