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My First and Last Draft... Please give me input...

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    Do you want William Vlachos from Bama or Ben Jones from Georgia? Because Ben Jones didn't play at Bama.
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      Good catch... I ment Georgia
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        Originally posted by ItalianBronco View Post
        I went with BPA... .
        You see......I find it hard to do a BPA mock, unless you are absolutely sure of who is going to be available......and for me, BPA is most often a mystery. That could be said about a Need mock draft to some degree, but Need means you go for position, so the mystery isn't as complex as BPA because you can fill it with more than one player.

        For the record, I love BPA if a stud drops into your lap. BUT, to be able to take advantage of that, you need to be fairly secure at all positions. I don't mean stacked......but we can't go BPA if we are short of decent DTs.

        But hell yah.......if we can acquire a decent DT before the draft, I LOVE BPA, because it is likely to be a value add to your organization. And the issue with Need is that you can panic a bit for a positional player, to the point you could have almost got that same player with your next pick. That's BAD!

        The Need thing is really getting punished with QBs in the last couple of years. Once the good ones are gone (early) the next two or three seem to be rising the charts because desperate teams are hanging their hats on the next best QB available. And clearly, some very poor picks have been made with this strategy in mind.


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          Dont like the trade


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            Doesn't the Broncos still have St Louis 5th round selection also?


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              Originally posted by bronco30 View Post
              w/ foxs draft history hes never taken dt's very high but w/ rio he took 1 couple years ago top 10 i think...

              but w/ it being such a major need i say they better take 1 early...if cox or worthy arent there id try n trade back just a few spots bcz after us i see only pats n maybe the packers needing dt's...

              then could prolly get thompson or reyes lower while adding a pick or two...bcz i dont see these two lasting till 57...
              I dont think its that unrealistic for them to be available at 33and 57