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Why we need to draft offensive linemen

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    Originally posted by broncos SB2010 View Post
    agreed 100%. I like Brewster and Blake in the draft for the OC/OG spot. Both seem to be the kind of players that would fit this system.
    Those guys are 3rd-4th round. Sounds good. Got two 4ths now, right?

    Thanks, Tim.
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      Originally posted by JayJack View Post
      He was also considered an "Elite OT" when he was in college, but because Scouts believed that his arms were to short to play LT in the NFL, they projected him as an OG, and Mayock projected him as a OC.

      Fox drafted LT Jordan Gross, and he has damn near the same measurables as Beadles. I'm not saying that Beadles is Gross, but Beadles measurables won't scare Fox away from trying him at RT if he see fit to.
      LOL, he kinda is!


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        Does anyone know if Kuper will be ready for the season? That injury looked pretty nasty and I cant imagine he'll be the same player for awhile.


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          I don't see the need for OL at all ...

          I think OL is good shape in both starters and in depth except maybe someone that can challenge Walton .. The only problem I see is being able to handle the bigger defensive fronts which is not a problem that is exclusive to just the Broncos ...

          I know the allure of what Elway was selling to Manning was part of it .. But I also think you got to believe that Manning was comfortable in what he seen on the roster particularly the OL ...

          I believe the Broncos will be considered as having one of the best OL in the NFL at seasons end baring catastrophic injuries to multiple starters .. The main thing is and I seen it posted was chemistry don't go messing with it ...I could be the best thing with very little to go on that McD did for the Broncos ...

          side note I noticed that Russ Hochstein is no longer on the roster
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            I am not opposed to getting quality Oline in the draft. I think the lines are always good for depth and competition. But I wouldnt think about blowing up a unit that is gelling to bring in a rookie. Our Oline had good moments and bad moments, but all things considered, I think they did pretty well.
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