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  • The only questionable pick is Burflicti but in the 5th its well worth it and he could push Mays, Irvine, Mohamad and will provide depth all around our linebacker core


    • I like the mock, would be ecstatic if it went down that way..........

      I don't get why people think Franklin will move to guard, the guy is 6'7" 330 Ibs, imo, way to big to be a guard. He played very well for a rookie and I see no reason to move him.


      • I would be happy with anything with Kirkpatrick in the 1st! I also love the Thompson, Childs, and Wolfe picks, good mock!

        If Kirkpatrick falls that far it would be the steal of the draft.


        • 1- Dre Kirkpatrick CB / Stephen Hill WR
          2- Brandon Thompson DT / Mychal Kendricks LB
          3- Greg Childs WR / Jared Crick DT
          4- Phillip Blake C / Ronnie Hillman RB

          Up to there the highlighted parts are good.

          I would be a little worried with Kirkpatrick and his man coverage ability as we do that more often but he is physical and a very good player.

          I like Thompson and if he falls that fall it would be an excellent pick. He is pretty well rounded and has some versatility.

          Jared Crick has position versatility and can rush from the inside and could be a good rotation player with Robert Ayers on the strong side.

          Phillip Blake I really like. Good depth and a good compeition player for Walton. He is tough and good in pass protection. From a zone blocking back ground also.


          • I hate RB in round 1. You lost me right there.....I like the pick of VB. I would take a shot at him. In the 5th round there is absolutely no risk. Some people put way to much value on low round picks. High reward, low risk
            Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic


            • Thanks Japfaff... I'm not a huge RB in round 1 either but this is a pretty much BPA mock that actually fills needs


              • I'm on record saying that the trade chart is out the window, and I still believe that, but damn, you really think we're going to get the Rams 33rd (1st pick in the 2nd rd) 65th (2nd pick in the 3rd rd) and 96th (1st pick in the 4th rd) for our 25th? WOW! You should put that in the Bold Prediction

                Anyway, besides Streeter, this is a good mock.


                • Great mock, one of the better ones i've seen here.


                  • Love it! But you would have to get that deal with the Rams to make it happen.