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Why is Fletcher Cox getting hyped up over Devon Still ?

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    Watching Cox I did notice teams often times didnt bother to double team him and when they did he wasnt effective. But then again I only watched two games and a high light vid of him so idk.


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      Originally posted by Kazmo View Post
      Are you being serious?

      I'd rather have Cox over Still because Still is one of those DTs that may take plays off and that is the WORST kind of DT. He just strikes me as a guy that as soon as he gets a payday, he will Haynesworth it.
      I was being dumb with Cox because of the past 3 or 4 pages.

      Still doesn't take plays off. I don't know where anyone gets that idea. Not anymore then any other player. It's just not true. Jack Crawford(late round guy) and Still are the only two NFL prospects on Penn State's DL from last year. Still constantly faced a double team last year, yet like I said. Flat out took over games. Some against lower competition like Temple and E. Michigan, sure. But he also showed up against very good teams. Especially Alabama whom had their OL disrupted by Still more than anyone else last year. He already has a few pass rushing moves to go along with his great bull rush. He has ideal size, he's scheme diverse, he collapses a pocket extremely well. He's a leader, and the one thing that separates him from most. He plays low, and is built right. Unlike Worthy,Poe, and others he's built like a brickhouse. Not a fat mess, he's as in shape as you're gonna get for a 300lb+ man. No conditioning issues. He's the most pro ready DT, and it isn't close. He is the only guy that I will be satisfied with at 25 if we go DT.

      If he didn't have the ACL concerns he'd probably be the consensus #1 DT. He's that impactful when he's on. There's some question marks regarding his physical peak. James Lauranitis, Ryan Kerrigan, and Brian Cushing all faced that same criticism. It's worked out pretty well for those teams.

      I understand if someone prefers Cox. Everyone sees prospects different, that's half the fun of draft time. I think both will be solid, but I'd bet on Still to be better by a good margin.
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        Cox played more games against elite competition and proved himself more against the run. Still, Still is better at being disrupptive against the pass.
        2016 Draft:


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          I found this on Stills pro day -

          DT Devon Still. He ran better than expected Wednesday with 4.93 and 4.95 times in his two 40s. Most impressive were the suddenness, quickness and balance he displayed in the bag and positional drills. Still (6-5, 303) proved he is a first-round pick, and he could end up being a top-15 choice because 300-pound defensive tackles with his strength, athleticism and character are tough to find.

          The question with Still is the turf toe injury he got and other injuries that bothered him. However, he was very durable in college and should have recovered from this turf toe injury fully bt TC.

          The question on Worthy is his conditioning. Reports were that his pro day was very good except sometimes he seemed a little winded. I would put faith in our training staff improving this side of his game.

          This was the report on Cox's pro day -

          Had a 26-inch vertical and a 9-foot broad jump. Looked good in the drills and showed a lot of quickness while moving very well. He’s now a lower first-round pick. He’s comparable to Memphis DT Dontari Poe but not quite as strong or fast.

          So the question on Cox is how physical he can be against bigger OL'men.

          I still prefer Still over Cox but all these DT's have questions.

          I honestly wouldn't mind if we took Konz, Fleener, K Wright or L Miller and looked at DT's in rounds 2 and 3, maybe B Thompson