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Turbin and Worthy to visit Broncos

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    Originally posted by Snarfalicious View Post
    I'd be happy with Worthy. I think his technique can translate instantly to the NFL, and being in a rotation will truly help him stay fresh. He was relied upon heavily at Michigan State and as a result his play would dip towards the end of the game. Getting him (and presumably another DT later) will help give the rotation a blend of upside, youth, to go along with our existing veteran presence.
    I like Jerel Worthy. I had him as the 1st round pick in my mock. I don't know if Mayock got his rankings from conversations with NFL people, but he currently has Worthy as the #2 DT, which means he would not be available at #25. Worthy is inconsistent like most DTs (they get tired in those trenches) but he has a quick first step and some pass rushing moves. He was responsible for reading the formation of the offense before the snap, changing the gaps of the DL if necessary. He must have a good football IQ.

    Originally posted by Snarfalicious View Post
    As for Turbin, I haven't seen enough of him to draw my own conclusions. He looks a bit like Marion Barber from the good ole highlight tapes. He knows how to get low, his leg drive is impressive, and he appears to have enough speed to break long gains. He'd be a nice back to pair with a true pass catching threat similar to Moreno. Is anyone familiar with his pass protection?
    Turbin is not incredibly powerful or fast, but he has a good combination of both. He can produce big runs with an extra gear. I think ball security was not an issue. I wish he was a more decisive runner, but this aspect of his game can be improved by the coaches. Turbin was used in shotgun formations, catching passes and protecting the QB. According to,pass protection is his weakness.


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      Here's the same site analysis of Worthy:
      310 lbs.
      Prototypical size and strength. Elite quickness off the snap. Has the size to play any role on the interior line; strong enough to play nose tackle, although it would be a waste of his athleticism to stick him there. Will make some plays in pursuit. A vocal leader on and off the field.

      Tends to focus too much on getting into the backfield; needs to do a better job of staying in his space and holding his ground at the point of attack against the run. Needs to improve his overall awareness and vision on the field; bites on fakes too often and loses track of the ball carrier. Doesn’t shed blocks as easily as you’d expect considering his size; if he doesn’t win with his explosion of the snap, he’s a very average performer. Stamina may be a concern; plays at an elite level in short bursts, but doesn’t maintain it throughout the game. Lets his emotions get the best of him at times and will play out of control which results in unnecessary penalties.

      Worthy flashes the ability to dominate at times, but he just doesn’t have the consistency to warrant a 1st-round pick. His conditioning is noticeably an issue, and something that will prevent him from being a three-down lineman at the next level. He does have the ability to be a difference maker however, and will have his fair share of highlight reel plays. That said, he’s also the type of guy who plays to the camera. He’s vocal, and does all the things that get you noticed on the field, but doesn’t do a lot of the little things that make an interior lineman truly great.
      Makes me think this guy could be a plug in on run-defense, but would struggle to generate consistent pressure at the next level unless he learns to utilize better technique.


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        Originally posted by Cugel View Post
        Here's the same site analysis of Worthy:

        Makes me think this guy could be a plug in on run-defense, but would struggle to generate consistent pressure at the next level unless he learns to utilize better technique.
        You would think with his quickness and unique burst that he would be ideal for a possible penetrating DT. Especially if OTs are worried about Elvis & Doom.

        I would also imagine he would be a 3rd down or nickle/dime, pass-rushing DT, as we use Vickerson & Mcbean to stop the run on 1st & 2nd down.

        From what I've read, it appears Worthy is the best shot we have at getting a QB wrecking ball, while Michael Brockers would be the best run-stuffing DT on the board.

        Why do you think Werthy isn't a pass rushing threat?

        I'm not high on PENN ST DL, so Still would not get me excited. But I really do not know much about this particular Nittany Lion. I feel Cox & Ingram will be gone though. I wouldn't touch Poe or Couples. So, with our pick, it appears it boils down to Still, Werthy or Brockers (if we go DL). I'm cool with any of these 3. I'm not sure Reyes is 1st round, but maybe he could be.

        Anyway, I think Kirkpatrick, Kontz-Glenn, Wilson-Martin-Millar would also be in the mix. I would venture to guess we pick one of these 10 players.

        If I had to draw up a big board:


        (Probably wont be here, & if he still is then he's probably the lone prospect left that some team would trade up to grab).



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          1-rd Devon Still DT
          2-rd Mike Martin DT
          3-rd Robert Turbin RB
          4-rd DeQuan Menzie CB
          4-rd Josh Norman CB
          5-rd Kellen Moore QB
          6-rd Tony Clemons WR