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    I'm upset because I watched this crap for 3 hours for nothing.
    The Raiders had a draft today as good as ours.


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      Originally posted by BroncsSB#3 View Post
      I'm perfectly fine with trading down. The Pats have done it successfully for years. I don't like the fact that we looked stupid after the Ravens Vikes trade went down, though. It just made it look like they are really good negotiators or we were just bad negotiators.
      Or maybe we're average and they're really good... who gives a crap. We would have taken the same player today as we're going to tomorrow, we just have an extra 4th rounder now.


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        Originally posted by fightinglee View Post
        yep, right here is what makes you wonder. People have said, if the FO could have got something better they would have. Hmmmm . . . 29 to 35 for the 98th. That sounds a lot better.
        Without even giving up their 4th

        Elway got bullied so bad tonight ...

        So stupid to help NE so much for a LOUSY 4TH...It'd be better to reach there than to help NE NO QUESTIONS


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          Originally posted by #24 Next Champ View Post
          Should've told Bill "your late 2nd this year or a 2nd next year or no Hightower"

          You don't make it easy for that team to make their D that much better

          ANYONE consider this?
          I'm sure they tried for better that said I think the Broncos may have been fishing for a trade down more than the Pats/Bucs were pushing for the trade up. That's the only thing that really makes sense for how little they got in return. The Broncos got so little that their top guys must've been a big reach and will definitely be available later or they simply didn't have a top guy and had a bunch of guys they were just so so on.

          I mean do you think the Broncos were really concerned with moving up in the 4th round where they already have two other picks? They had to really want to move down vs. another team really wanting to move up.


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            Hey thanks for posting this ... I didn't catch the last trade ....
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              Originally posted by BroncsSB#3 View Post
              Since so many people are freaking out, we should at least know what we actually traded and what we got in exchange.

              Between the two trades we ultimately gave the 25th to move to the 36th and got the 101st in exchange.

              I'll explain.

              1. We traded the 25th to move to the 31st and got the 126th pick in exchange from the Pats.

              2. We traded the 31st to move to the 36th and we also traded the 126th that we got from the Pats in exchange for the 101st.

              So as I stated earlier, we basically gave our 25th to move to the 36th and got the 101st in exchange.
              A 1st round pick >>>>>> A 2nd and a 4th.

              What a freakin waste of my night. Stupid Broncos.


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                Very, very, very disappointed in the Broncos tonight. Like many others have said, the values just don't add up. How and the hell does EFX not understand this, its simple math really. I really liked the idea of trading down, but come on, you are supposed to make those teams pay big time that want to trade up, i.e. make it worth YOUR while. Just pure stupidity really. I don't know, ever since Xanders has been here, we've been a draft mess.....


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                  Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
                  Yeah you're right I'm sure we got that offer and then just said no, screw ya'll, we're taking a worse deal.
                  the point is, demand was there, and apparently that demand was not found by our office. Thats fine though, because you are happy with it so we all should be.


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                    What time does the draft start tomorrow?


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                      So we were drafting ahead of Bal and now they are drafting ahead of us in the second and 4th? seriously


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                        You know, screw the draft, i hear there are all these players to be had after the draft. We should just do that. Unlimited picks to be had. Winning . . .


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                          I can't believe you guys. Complain we didn't reach on a player and then complain we didn't get enough value in a trade.

                          You want to draft someone who we don't really need instead of trying to find some good deals and adding somemore depth and talent.

                          Apperantly the paid FO at Broncos headquarters know less than all the moaners here on the boards.

                          Let them do their jobs and after the draft and preseason then you can cast stones if things do not work out.
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                            I think the one thing people are not really realizing is that our biggest need is DT and since we traded down zero have been taken. And unless someone jumps in front of us i expect none to be drafted until we pick. We can get the same guy without the first round pressure.

                            Think about it. If knowshon and ayers were not first round picks i believe alot of people including myself would be satisfied with them or at least have a better opinion about them and where they are at right now as players. Im not saying whoever we pick will get a pass to suck or under achieve but that they don't have that necessary pressure that comes with being a first round pick.


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                              Anyone listen to the press conference after round 1 with Elway? Of course our soft ass media doesn't grill him with the stupid trade values......


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                                Originally posted by fightinglee View Post
                                the point is, demand was there, and apparently that demand was not found by our office. Thats fine though, because you are happy with it so we all should be.
                                I'm not saying everybody should be, I'm saying people shouldn't act like little kids who had to wait an extra day to open all their presents on Christmas. Saying stuff like "Elway got bullied" makes absolutely no sense. It's like people think other guys walked into our draft room and threatened to punch John in the face if he didn't accept the trade and he just cried and said okay.

                                Wah wah wah Broncos suck EFX sux Elway sux way to waste my night wah wah wah wah wah wah. If all you care about is who the Broncos draft just don't tune in until it's our spot and stop acting like a 5 year old.